Why I’m Hoping Jeremy Corbyn Launches A New Party

(First published in the Morning Star)

Yesterday, twitter was awash with rumours about Jeremy Corbyn – specifically that he might be considering taking the plunge to from a new political party having accepted that he will never be reinstated as a Labour MP. The fact this was first reported in the Telegraph led to understandable accusations of mischief making. However, the overwhelming response on the left (and from some on the right hoping for a split Labour vote) was, ‘I bloody hope this is true!’ That was my response too.

I’m done with being Ms negativity. I’m done with spending 99% of my political activism aimed at attacking rather than promoting. And I’m not alone. For 5 years, we had a vision to fight for. It is devastating emotionally and mentally to go from that to absolutely no hope at all. Going round saying, plague on all their houses, might make us less controversial guests round the dinner table, but it makes us more depressed people. All that energy, all that creativity, all that hope, gone. The prospect of building slowly from within the Labour Party is now entirely defunct. We don’t have time for slow movement building. And we don’t have the heart for it either. We are all spent from 5 years of internal warfare, defending one of, if not the best leader the Labour Party ever had, from sabotage by the PLP and party staff. The disgraceful treatment of Jeremy Corbyn and left wing members, hasn’t sparked a desire to reclaim the Labour Party. Instead it has sparked a mass exodus. That is simply human nature. No stirring battle cries from well paid Labour socialist MPs, will inspire financially hard pressed socialists to part with their money to fund a party to which they no longer feel any affinity. And time to spark real and lasting change is running out. We would need decades to rebuild from within the party. We don’t have decades. The climate crisis is now and it is urgent. The housing crisis is now and it is urgent. The National Health service crisis is now and it is urgent. If I believed the Labour Party in its current incarnation would tackle these crisis lining up to destroy our children’s future, I’d get behind it, despite my personal anger towards Starmer for his sabotage of the last GE with his Brexit policy U-turn. I’d hold my nose and vote Labour for the greater good. That’s not the case however. Starmer has had ample time to give us some hope. Instead he has used the last 21 months to either attack the left or make clear his lack of vision via a number of boring relaunches, summarised by even more boring, vacuous slogans. Why do that if you are then going to run with exciting, socialist ideas? For the optics maybe? A case of smoke and mirrors knowing the policies are popular but the idea of socialism isn’t? If that’s the case, the man has the integrity of a romance scammer and I wouldn’t trust him to enact radical socialist policies even if he suddenly claimed them for his own.

I do however have immense trust and respect in Jeremy Corbyn. Millions of people do. He’s a man of honour and integrity. He’s a man who is not scared of the establishment, of talking truth to power. And that’s what our political landscape needs right now. I am under no illusions that a new party, headed by Jeremy, would suddenly surge to victory in a GE. What it would do is pose a threat to a far too comfortable Labour party waiting for their inevitable turn at power. The Tories have been in for 13 years next year and they are living on borrowed time. The anger felt over Starmer’s Remain policy which drove
many lifelong Labour voters either into Tory arms or to not vote at all in 2019, is on the wane. Many will swing back to Labour whoever is leader, especially after the recent Tory scandals which have tripped over each other in their frequency.
So Starmer is sitting there, rubbing his hands in arrogant glee, knowing all he has to do is not cock up too badly and his time will come. And when it does, he will claim it was his purge of Corbyn and the ‘hard’ left that won it. Then it will be business as usual. Fuscia Labour will tweak the status quo but they won’t change it dramatically. Any positive changes they implement will be nice and easy to reverse for their Tory friends when their inevitable turn comes around again.

This revolving door of not much changing can only be challenged by a new party and that new party has to be headed by Jeremy Corbyn. Why Jeremy? Because he is the most unifying figure the left have. Because he’s the most inspiring political figure for generations. Because he has the political weight and credibility to light that spark. His age isn’t an issue. Bernie Sanders was 6 years older when he ran for president. The only issue is if Jeremy wants to do it. Obviously if he doesn’t, we will have to accept and respect it. No one would blame him after the lies and smears he endured for the last 6 years. I would however urge him to give it serious consideration. Those lies and smears are never going away. He will never be the safe, elder statesman. He’s too threatening a figure for that to happen. So he might as well run with that anti establishment reputation and use it to force change on the status quo. He is after all a tireless fighter for peace and justice. No cosy, quiet retirement on his horizon. Jeremy wants to bring about real and lasting change for the better. That’s all he’s ever wanted. And so do we. We are a good match. We proved that for 5 years. We are capable of putting the wind up the establishment when we join forces, and while thousands have joined his Peace and Justice project, hundreds of thousands would join the Peace and Justice Party. It would hold Labour’s feet to the fire. It would shake them out of their current complacency the way UKIP shook the Tories out of theirs which forced them to put an in/out EU Referendum into their manifesto.

I personally don’t think any other political intervention would touch the sides of the change this country needs. I’m going to urge anyone who agrees with me to join the Peace and Justice project today. If a new Party is going to stem from that project, it needs a good foundation to spring from and a large membership would provide that. Who knows, it might sway Jeremy to take the plunge. 

Are You A True Comrade?

The left talk about comradeship and solidarity as if that is what the left is built on. But as soon as we disagree, people often get nasty, aggressive or patronising. I’m seeing this again over The Unite General Secretary election.

The left is not a homogenous group and we will inevitably back different candidates. There is an understandable body of opinion that only one candidate from the broader left should run to reduce the risk of a Coyne win. The people of this view are growing increasingly frustrated with Howard Beckett supporters who want their man in the race. Beckett supporters, myself included, are energised with hope and optimism. We still believe in political upsets and know nothing would upset the establishment more than a Beckett victory.

Maybe we should be more pragmatic. Be sensible. Stuff our hope and optimism back down and support someone else. After all, they are all good candidates. Yes, maybe we should. But shouting at us to do that won’t work. Telling us to get some sense won’t work. And likewise, Beckett supporters need to be conscious of the fact other candidates have good left credentials. They might not put the fear of God into the establishment in quite the way Beckett does, but they will fight for their members and they are not Coyne.

What I’m trying to say is this – until the left learn to debate and disagree in a comradely way, and I include myself in this, they should stop using the word comrade. They should stop brandishing the word solidarity as if that’s that the left is built on. After every disagreement, we should come out stronger, not weaker and more divided.

Beckett supporters should not be shamed for being optimists who believe in change from taking risks, and the one candidate advocates should not be shamed for being pragmatic and feeling anxious a divided left slate could herald a Coyne win. Tell people why you feel a certain way. By all means make your case as strongly as you can muster. Just don’t shame or belittle others for not agreeing.

A dog is not just for Christmas and a Comrade is not just for when we are all on the same page.

Open Letter To The Socialist Campaign Group

Dear Socialist Campaign Group,

A few days ago I made the gut wrenching decision to resign my membership of the Labour Party after 11 years. I had wrestled with this decision for 13 months. Even longer actually, because I came very close to resigning in the summer of 2019, after the party had adopted a more full throated Remain policy, a policy I was both morally and politically opposed to. It was only my strong support of Jeremy Corbyn and the rest of our policy platform that kept me from leaving. However I don’t have Jeremy Corbyn to keep me inside the tent anymore. Nor do we have the policy agenda or glimmer of one, to drive me to stomach staying.

I’m not saying here that I have done the right thing politically. I fully understand why you are asking members to stay and fight for the policies we all believe in, and I’m sorry if I’m disappointing you, however I am just another human being who cannot bring herself to hand over money to a party that despises me and everything I stand for. You get paid over 70k a year plus expenses to compensate for the treatment you receive from the current leadership. Some people have local government roles they can get their teeth into or even political ambition to drive them to stay. Some people are more tolerant and can attend meetings with fellow members who they know deep down were willing the Corbyn project to fail. Some love the socialising and the friendships the party has brought them. But for some of us, it’s just about the politics and the hope and paying money to have neither is a very bitter pill indeed. 

You often talk with great empathy about voters who might choose to abstain at a General Election by not voting Labour because Labour is not giving them a strong enough reason to vote. Yet you don’t vocalise that same empathy for members who feel like they can’t give Labour their hard earned money when they actually despise almost all the MPs who represent the party in Parliament. If you told voters, ‘you must vote Labour, or you’ll let the Tories in,’ you’d be told to do one. Hopefully you won’t do that because it is patronising and would only serve to alienate the voters you want to persuade. Well hello, that’s what’s happening with members. You are talking to distressed people who have in some cases, fought tirelessly for the party for years, even decades, and you glibly say, stay in the party, you can’t kick them from the outside’, expecting members who are overwrought, filled with despair and rage to say, ah, of course I should stay. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Other members are not old sweats. They joined only because of the groundswell of hope that sprung from Corbyn’s leadership, and are now angry, lost and hopeless. 

What we are dealing with here is reality. Labour is haemorrhaging members because they have been driven out. Maybe they should all stay, in the same way maybe all voters should just compliantly vote Labour because Labour is arguably always slightly better than the Tories. But they won’t. They are leaving because they don’t have hope. In fact in many cases, their only hope is the Socialist Campaign group, and they don’t feel encouraged enough by your group to stay. Only the other night, on Novara media, Clive Lewis openly admitted your group has not got its act together. He spoke of divisions that still exist over Brexit for instance. He said it was too much to expect you to have resolved your issues after only 13 months. But during that 13 months members have been insulted, purged, ignored and blamed for the GE defeat of 2019, as well as seeing the Labour MP they most respect and admire kicked unceremoniously out the Labour Party simply for speaking the truth, all to the backdrop of a global Pandemic where they’ve been depressed, anxious, ill, or had family who’ve been ill or even died, who’ve lost their jobs, been isolated, forced to home educate their kids and struggled to get by. And they’ve felt unsupported by you during that time. So naturally thousands have left. Many speak about their hope that you will leave the party, a party filled with MPs and staffers that did so must to deliver a Tory govt in 2019, and stand as independents to threaten the status quo in the Labour Party. And I’m sure you get irritated when ex members ask you to do that as if its the most simple request in the world. Just like members get irritated when you ask them to stay without validating those who might want to leave. 

What I’m getting at here is members are human beings just like voters. If voters abandon the party, its the party’s fault. If members quit the party, it is also the party’s fault. 
At the end of the day, you are coping with this situation as best you can. So are the members and ex members. Don’t drive a wedge between us by dividing us into fighters and quitters. One day we might all join forces again. The battle for socialism can be fought on many fields. And sometimes people just need to stop fighting for a while to preserve their mental and emotional health. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be honest and say you’d prefer members to stay, but please don’t invalidate those who can’t or won’t. Suggest they join an affiliated union or maybe get involved in local campaigns against cuts. Go on marches. Have discussions with work colleagues and friends. But don’t imply they are not able to contribute to the battle for socialist values simply because they don’t want to pay to be shat on from a very great height.


The Oak

He stands like an Oak in a raging gale
When others break, his strength doesn’t fail
A heart filled with love, compassion, peace
Arouses fear in the Lords of the feast
Antisemite, misogynist, shameless wealth thief
Their desperate smears expose fear underneath
With axes in hand, they take their swings
At the man who prefers beggars to Kings
With greed in their hearts and hate in their eyes
They twist his truth with inglorious lies
No shame feel they for what they’ve done
To a man who gives hope when before there was none
Yet still that oak stands in its hostile wood
With one aim in his heart
To be and do good
And their axes they chop and cut but still
The oak stands strong and it always will
Acorns it drops, on melting snow
And another wood, from the oak will grow
By Chelley Ryan

Attempts To Overturn Brexit Are Misguided

(first published in The Morning Star February 2018)

If Remainers somehow manage to reverse the referendum result, they will have destroyed many Leave voters’ faith in democracy forever, argues CHELLEY RYAN



WHEN people cast a vote in an election or referendum, they don’t just vote with their heads. They vote just as much with their emotions.

But some Remainers are clearly choosing to ignore this fundamental truth in their desperate bid to overturn Brexit.

It’s as if 17.5 million people are just a minor inconvenience, to be swept under the political rug like dirt.

The fact that many Leave voters live in the most deprived areas of Britain and had prior to the referendum given up caring about politics, having felt ignored, let down, taken for granted by the political establishment over many decades is also a factor that’s too often ignored.

“But we are only thinking of them,” I hear Remainers reply. “Research shows they will be the worst affected by Brexit.“

Now if we were talking about children, desperate to play with matches, I’d understand this way of thinking. The child who has the matches confiscated by a caring parent, might feel a bit silly at being caught, a bit ashamed, maybe even angry their fun has been spoilt, but deep down they know their parents love them and are looking out for them and their safety.

Remainers should not expect this response from Leave voters. They will not grovel on the floor in gratitude because they’ve been saved from themselves. They will be angry — furious even. They will feel bitter, resentful, betrayed, disillusioned and vengeful.

As a Corbyn supporter who incessantly battled for two years to protect my democratic choice to vote for the leader I most believed in, I can relate to Leave voters who feel their decision is under threat.

I can relate to how it feels to have people talk down to you, tell you you’re stupid, deluded, naive, irrational, selfish, ignorant and will drag others down because of your choice.

My vote was going to destroy the Labour Party, or so I was told. In the same way Leave voters are being told they are going to destroy Britain.

Except in the same way I felt I had nothing to lose because in my mind the Labour Party was already on the brink of destruction and only real change could save it — Leave voters in the de-industrialised, under-invested parts of Britain grabbed their opportunity to try something radical and different.

The EU didn’t save their secure, decent paying jobs. It didn’t stop their areas falling into decline. To be told now that things will just get worse if they don’t wake up and smell the coffee is hardly inspiring.

When people have lost faith in the status quo, they are willing to take risks. They are willing to throw all the cards in the air to see where they land

When people have lost faith in the status quo, they are willing to take risks. They are willing to throw all the cards in the air to see where they land.

This risk-taking gave us Brexit, Trump, and yes, maybe Corbyn too.

Leave voters will not be grateful to people living in more affluent Remain-voting areas, telling them they need to pick up the cards and put them in the drawer because they’re making a mess.

If Remainers somehow manage to overturn Brexit, they will have destroyed many Leave voters’ faith in democracy forever.

It won’t cut it to patronisingly tell them you are thinking of their best interests, when you have no idea what it’s like to live their lives.

It won’t cut it to tell them they were fooled by some writing on a bus, as if they are children who are still liable to believe in fairy tales.

It won’t cut it to tell them it wasn’t a real vote, when the build-up went on for over a year and the government and main opposition party both pledged to honour the result.

None of these things will cut it. The anger felt will be deep and bitter. The trust in democracy will be shattered. The result will be unforeseen and it won’t be neat and tidy.

Parties and organisations on the far right must be rubbing their hands with glee at the prospect of such a scenario. An overturned Brexit vote is the stuff of their dreams.

Millions of angry, politically disenfranchised people will be drawn into the arms of parties and organisations who hate immigrants and hate multiculturalism.

They will empathise with the bitter and the angry, and promise vengeance against an arrogant, London-centric establishment.

To those who think I’m exaggerating, I ask you to look back at world history. You rob people of their life chances, then rob them of political agency — expect a backlash.

How great this backlash will be, I don’t know. No-one does. But I fear it will be greater than any of us might imagine.

The Labour leadership understands this. It recognises the psychological and emotional factors at play.

It doesn’t look at Brexit merely as something that might impact on our country economically.

It looks at the way it will impact on it politically and emotionally. And that includes the impact of overturning it. And that is why they are looking to find a compromise that holds our country together.

It might well be a compromise that doesn’t please most Remainers, or most Leavers for that matter. It just won’t leave either camp feeling utterly ignored.

And those on the political far right are watching Labour carefully right now. Because if they slip up, and fail to find this compromise, they are waiting in the wings to capitalise on that failure. And we will all be losers then.



Of Course We Lost! Labour Became ‘The Establishment’.

Back in the dark post General Election days of 2015 when Labour had just suffered its second defeat in 5 years, there was a group of people within our own party who could barely conceal their delight over our loss. For them this represented a Golden opportunity to take our party back to the unequivocal right. In those pre Corbyn days, Ed Miliband, or Red Ed as the red tops liked to call him, was too left wing for these people. His policy on the Mansion Tax and Non Doms was the politics of envy and it had stopped us winning a resounding victory. Of course many of us knew this was bollox. What lost us the Election was an uninspiring, incongruent manifesto that was neither fish nor fowl. Less Red and more an ugly shade of fuscia. For every inspiring policy there was an establishment appeasing policy to cancel it out. Our voters just stayed at home.

This was the start of Corbynism, a story of a political earthquake we are now all familiar with.

Fast forward to 2019 and Labour are facing their fourth defeat in a row. The same figures who were gleeful in 2015 are even more gleeful now. We took the party resoundingly to the left and look what happened. Our worst defeat since 1935. There was a strange blip in 2017 that they need to airbrush from History but aside from that, it’s absolutely clear a right wing Labour leader needs to come and save the day.

Except they are wrong again and here is why.

We have entered an era where anti establishmentism is on the rise. The reasons for this are many and too complex to go into right now but suffice to say this growing movement without structure gave us the shock result of Trump, Brexit, Corbyn and now a Tory majority in 2019. I am anticipating a lot of raised eyebrows at this list. However whilst Trump and Johnson are as establishment as they come, they did a better job of framing themselves as anti establishment than either Hilary Clinton or Jeremy Corbyn in 2019.

The key difference between Labour in 2017 and in 2019 and the very different vote shares they received, is not that the media were kinder to Corbyn in 2017, or the PLP more united. It was our Brexit position and what that represented. Our adoption of a Referendum policy made us the establishment party with a safe, often condescending message. We were telling the voters what they really wanted when they voted leave and offered to save them from themselves. In this new establishment context, all the smears against Corbyn took on a new twist. In 2017 they just added to his anti establishment appeal. Even the PLP coup probably added to it to a lesser extent. But by 2019, with Labour now firmly framed as an establishment party, these smears only had a negative impact. Moreover, Jeremy’s reputation as a man of principle and serial rebel whose word was his bond, lay in tatters.

Huge mistakes were made by the leadership to get us to this point, but being too radical or socialist was NOT one of them.

Once we’d condesended millions of leave voters in key marginals whose votes we desperately needed to have a hope in hell of gaining power, the jig was up. Thousands of us warned this would happen and are now the least surprised that it has. Its been like watching a slow moving car crash we’ve been powerless to stop.

When we agreed to a General Election, I knew we’d lose. I told my husband I wouldn’t watch the exit poll because it would be like 2017 in reverse, with a worse result than everyone was expecting. The energy in the campaign was marred by the fact thousands of activists were convinced we were going to lose because of our new, and wholly detrimental establishment credentials. Jeremy knew it too. He tried to hide it but those of us who knew his personal agony over this, couldn’t help but sense it.

In this context our policy announcements became seen as a series of bribes to convince leave voters to forgive us. But if we couldn’t be trusted to keep our promise to respect the referendum result, why would anyone trust us to deliver any of our manifesto?

Not that Respect the Referendum result activists worked any less hard in the campaign. Quite the opposite. The sense of impending doom became a big damage limitation operation. Negativity was parked for false optimism and tireless campaigning either online or off. We wanted to be wrong. We wanted to eat humble pie and we’d have savoured every bite. We wanted a miracle.

We didn’t get one. To add salt to the wound, the primary architects of our defeat are lining up to vie for the reigns of leadership. Instead of them eating humble pie, they are airbrushing away uncomfortable truths to give themselves the best chance of victory.
And many members are happy about that. They too pushed for the party to become an establishment, Remain party and its too painful to accept that had any part in our defeat. So the most ardent Remainers on the right of the party blame Corbyn for the defeat and those on the left blame the PLP plotters, the press and dodgy postal votes. Both are coalescing around Keir Starmer because he is cleverly steering clear of criticising Corbyn or our manifesto, whilst being seen correctly by the party right as a person with more right wing leanings who will cave into the establishment pressure to drop the most radical aspects of our manifesto.

But Sir Keir Starmer is not the answer.

He is the very epitome of an establishment figure and it was he, above all else who successfully framed us as an establishment party. And that’s why we lost this General Election and will lose the next one with him as leader. If Labour don’t tap into the growing mood and clamour for anti establishmentism and fill that space with radical policies and radical ideas, we will be out of power for a generation.

A posh sounding lawyer/Sir from London with slick suits and slickly produced promotional videos who refuses point blank to recognise any of the primary reasons we lost this last General Election, is NOT the leader our party needs. And the same is true for any leader who fails to understand the key reason for our defeat.

As the saying goes, if we don’t learn from our mistakes, we are destined to repeat them!

Please Don’t Punish Yourself, By Punishing Labour.

I totally get why leave voters are angry with the Labour Party right now.

In the last General Election, Labour pledged to respect the EU referendum result. In the intervening two and a half years the Labour Party has changed it’s position on brexit. A combination of pressure from the grassroots, in conjunction with pressure from remain supporting MPs, has resulted in a policy to hold another referendum on any deal, including one that has been negotiated by our own party.

Feeling betrayed, leave voters are planning on casting their votes for leave supporting parties. Unfortunately this General Election is not another referendum. A vote for the Tory Party is a vote for more cuts to public services, more poverty, more inequality, lower pay, and most importantly it puts our NHS at grave risk.

The Labour Party is not a remain party, whilst it might seem that way to some. It has struggled with the best position to take on brexit. Thousands of labour members fought against the adoption of a public vote, alongside leave respecting MPs like John Trickett and Ian Lavery. Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the party, has stated publicly his decision not to campaign on either side in a future EU vote, choosing instead to act as an honest broker who can implement the referendum result and then try to bring our country back together.

In the event of a future vote, I will campaign for leave, and I voted Remain in 2016. Many labour members will do the same. I beg all leave voters who are considering voting conservative or brexit party to punish labour, to please think again. Instead of treating this General Election as a second referendum, treat it as the General Election it is, with all the long term policy repercussions that go along with it.

Better to vote in a Labour government that will increase your wages, improve your work security, build council homes for all, save our NHS, free young people from student debt, clampdown on tax dodging, invest in infrastructure, nationalise our utilities, adequately fund our public services and vastly improve the lives of the majority of people in this country, than sacrifice all those wonderful things to treat this General Election as another Referendum. Then, if Labour win, you can vote leave in the Referendum we plan to hold. You might well resent having to vote again, and I get that, but better to resent voting again with more money in your pocket, more happiness and security in your life and that of your loved ones, than get the Brexit you crave under Boris Johnson (which Farage claims isn’t even Brexit) but miss out on all the good things that will come your way under Labour. Not ideal I know, but not too shabby either. For example under Labour:

Public sector workers would get a pay rise of 5% – an average of £1,643

16-18 year olds will get an average £3,497

18-20 year olds will get an average £5,986

21-24 year olds will get an average £4,485

Workers 25 and over will get an average £3,444

Unfortunately, to punish labour for it’s policy on a confirmatory vote, you have to punish yourself, your family, your friends and your community too. So please, I beg you, park your anger long enough to vote labour on December 12th. Hold your nose if you have to, the way I held my nose and voted Labour under Blair when I’d grown deeply disillusioned with his leadership. Think of it as punishment for a Conservative government who have failed to deliver brexit in 3 long years because of splits in their own party. Think of it as a punishment for a Conservative government who are using brexit to divide the working class who they have shat on for 9 long Years. Think of it as a punishment for a Conservative government who are responsible for 130000 deaths due to needless austerity. Think of it as a punishment for a Conservative government who called this general election confident in the knowledge working class voters would be so blinded by brexit they would vote against their own interests and those of their loved ones.
Think of it as a way of proving to a cocky Conservative government that you know full well whether they deliver brexit or not, you will never benefit from it because their party only represents the interests of the wealthy few.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Well Proven Wisdom Will Lead Us To A GE Win. I Just Hope Conference Listens.

This is my first experience as a delegate at Labour Conference and I’m really enjoying it. However today is the day I’ve been dreading. According to media speculation – often wrong I know but often right too – today is the day Conference has a show down over Brexit. The thought of it puts a knot in my stomach. I don’t like conflict at the best of times, but I like it even less when the conflict is between comrades and allies and no one knows for sure what the best outcome is. I also know my opinion on this puts me on the fringes of the membership, or so I’m told. I’m a Remain voter who believes the outcome of the 2016 EU Referendum should be respected. In my own personal experience as a so called ‘influencer’ on twitter, a lot of Labour members agree with me. As do a lot of voters. However the majority of Labour members at Conference disagree. I only have to glance around at the proliferation of Red bags, adorned with the slogan, ‘Labour can stop Brexit’ to know that.
However there is someone of some weight who does agree with me and who has, like me and many others, had to suck up the party’s move towards an ever more Remain position, and that is Jeremy Corbyn.

Our current position is to negotiate a Labour Brexit deal if we win a GE, and then put that deal back to the public in a Referendum against remain. Despite my antipathy towards a further Referendum, I can live with this position. A lot of Leave voting members can live with it, albeit with a fair level of disappointment, and naturally Remain supporting members can live with it because it offers them a good shot at reversing Brexit. And that’s why I believe we should stop here and not move any further toward a Remain position exemplified by MPs like Emily Thornberry and remainer members who want to commit our party to campaign for Remain against a Labour negotiated deal, a position that is roundly and understandably mocked by Brexiteers whenever it is discussed because it casts doubt that any future deal will be negotiated in good faith.

Jeremy Corbyn has put it on public record that his personal preference is for the party to remain neutral until we at least know what a Labour deal looks like, and then hold a special conference to decide which option to recommend. He clearly wishes to be a neutral figure in any event and possibly give MPs the freedom to campaign as they see fit.
This is dismissed as a fudge, when really it is the only unifying position on offer, especially now the Lib Dems have thrown their weight behind revoke. The fact its the only position that can hold the disparate Brexit factions in our own party together is a sign of what it can achieve in a General Election. Whether voters voted Leave or Remain, they can just about live with our offer on Brexit. Add to that a list of exciting, life transforming policies and we can bring our broken country together. But if we take one more step towards Remain and we disenfranchise our leave voting members and many people like me. Polling shows that positions on Brexit have hardened in the country. In my view the Remain campaign should bear some responsibility for this. Many Labour voters get frustrated with Tory voters and privately grumble about the way they ‘believed the lies, voted against their own interests etc’  but never make this the foundation of their campaign to win them over because they know it would have the completely opposite effect and alienate them forever. Unfortunately the Remain campaign have patronised Leave voters publicly and without considering the impact this has on those voters. In contrast Jeremy Corbyn has never talked down to or patronised leave voters. He not only knows that’s a counterproductive thing to do, he just doesn’t look down on anyone. That’s why we need our leader to lead our party on this. His skills as a natural born peace broker must be utilised. His well proven political wisdom will lead us to a GE win. I just hope Conference stands by him.

Open Letter To Tom Watson About Brexit


Dear Tom Watson

A significant number of Labour Party Members have experienced ever growing disgust over your determination to represent your views as our own over Brexit, when in truth, the membership has very complex and diverse views on this difficult subject. To claim with certainty that you speak for us all, is both disingenuous and wrong and alienates those of us who do not share your views. It is also hypocritical. You did not care how the membership felt about Corbyn’s leadership back in 2016 when you urged him to resign, but now suddenly, it’s the most important thing to you.


Many of us who are working tirelessly to ensure we achieve a Labour majority at the next General Election, fully understand and endorse the position of the Leadership over Brexit, which is to respect the 2016 EU Referendum result, whilst minimising disruption and harm to our economy. This is indeed the only position which can bring unity to our fractured society. Most of our constituencies voted Leave in the EU Referendum, which includes target seats which we need to win. It is wrong to extrapolate anything significant from a protest vote at the European and Local Elections. However, it is worth noting that we suffered as much, if not more in these leave areas as our remain ones. The Lib Dems were due a bounce back anyway after being out of Government for 4 years, but this bounce only restored them to the percentages they achieved in their pre-Coalition past. One of the likely reasons we have lost support over Brexit, is because many MPs like yourself, refuse to put the case for our sensible compromise position.


For many of us, this is a strong issue of principle. We are a democratic Socialist party, and as democrats, we do not believe in cherry picking which votes to accept. If we become the full blown Remain Party you aspire to, we will be just another Metropolitan Liberal Party that holds leave voters in contempt. Boxing ourselves into this position will leave us fighting for the votes of the 48% who voted Remain, between at least 3 other parties.


There is no other party which has put forward a sensible compromise position on Brexit, and we believe we must not sacrifice this position based on unreliable analysis at a very unpredictable time. We claim to be the party of the many, however that claim will sound hollow to the 52% who voted leave if we become an ardent remain party as per your wishes. Even if we did not feel genuine concern that a full blown remain position would cost us a General Election, which we do, we are sure it is not the right position to take on principle, and will lose us support in our Northern Heartlands, in the way we lost Scottish voters in the New Labour era. You take these voters for granted at your peril, our peril and the peril of millions of ordinary struggling people who desperately need a radical, transformative Labour Government.


Jeremy Corbyn is coming under growing pressure to back your chosen position. We advise Jeremy to resist this pressure. For many of us who did not support a 2nd Referendum under any circumstances, we were prepared to respect the policy voted through at Conference to call for one as an option under very specific circumstances. This has now shifted to calling for a 2nd Referendum on any deal, and you want a further commitment from Jeremy to commit to campaign for Remain should this circumstance arrive. We absolutely feel this is not the right position for the Labour Party to take. Labour are not a Leave or Remain Party. We should not take sides as if this is a football match. It is a nuanced, complex problem which requires a very nuanced and complex solution. We must resist all pressure to be seen to take sides, now or in the future. To do so would alienate millions of voters, and destroy their trust in us, possibly forever; something the populist right would no doubt capitalise on, as they already are.


A 2nd Referendum is fraught with danger. As soon as you get into a discussion with people over which options would be on the ballot, the disagreements start. It will tear our country apart all over again, and should never be viewed as an easy or desirable option. We must do, and be seen to have done, everything in our power to avoid this toxic scenario. Jeremy Corbyn recognises the dangers and toxicity involved in holding a 2nd Referendum, and we thank him for doing everything in his power to avoid one.


We support his leadership and position on Brexit 100% and urge you to stop claiming to speak for us all. You do not!

(If you want to sign this letter please add your name and  CLP in the comments. I will add as soon as possible. Thanks!)



  1. Michael Chowdhury, South West Bedfordshire CLP

  2. Peter Symons, Cardiff West CLP

  3. Linda Jones, Cardiff North CLP

  4. John Stares, Waveney CLP

  5. Abby Hoffman, Norwich South CLP

  6. Liz Parker

  7. Ian Jones, Neath CLP

  8. Darren Coyle, Glasgow Provan CLP

  9. Ian Malcom Walker, Bournemouth West CLP

  10. David Kirkman, Sheffield Central CLP

  11. Judith Turner, Gateshead CLP

  12. Bahasker Bhadresha, Ilford North CLP

  13. Alis McCabe, Gorton CLP

  14. Becky Massey, Hove CLP

  15. William Wells, Great Yarmouth CLP

  16. Barry O’Leary, Bletchley East CLP

  17. Charlotte Ndupuechi, Southampton East CLP

  18. Sean Law, Donside CLP

  19. Pam Thompson, Batley and Spen CLP

  20. Michelle Lawrence, Swindon CLP

  21. Alan Wright, Worthing West CLP

  22. Debbie Kendall, Christchurch CLP

  23. June Martin

  24. Rachel Pilsbury, Southwest Norfolk CLP

  25. Kathryn Houghton, Knowsley CLP

  26. Michael Westcombe, Greenwich and Woolwich CLP

  27. Suzy Peat CLP

  28. Colin Valley, Huddersfield CLP

  29. Jacqueline Bartram, Isle of Wight CLP

  30. Barby Moore, Stockholm South CLP

  31. Stephen Meurs, Sevenoaks CLP

  32. Derrick Lilley, Derby North CLP

  33. Frances Lilley, Derby North CLP

  34. Janet McGregor, South Norfolk CLP

  35. Iain Melville, Hazel Grove CLP

  36. Karen Pool, Shrewsbury CLP

  37. Susan Parry, Hackney South & Shoreditch CLP

  38. Graham Louth, Sleaford and North Hykeham CLP

  39. J Daniels, Wansbeck CLP

  40. Matthew Potter, East Worthing & Shoreham CLP

  41. Malcolm Evision, Harrogate & Knaresborough CLP

  42. Violett Cleghorn, Cotswold CLP

  43. Wendy Parkin,Scarborough & Whitby CLP

  44. Jon Roser, East Worthing & Shoreham CLP

  45. Maureen Liston, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP

  46. James Ryan, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP

  47. Angie Ray, Dover & Deal CLP

  48. Geoff Clegg, Carshalton & Wallington CLP

  49. William White, Labour International CLP

  50. Daniel Fooks, South West Surrey CLP

  51. Julia Larden, Birmingham, Yardley CLP

  52. Steve Walker, Garston & Halewood CLP

  53. Rachel Hall, Hinckey & Bosworth CLP

  54. Cathy Ryan, East Worthing & Shoreham CLP

  55. Shirley Carett, South West Norfolk CLP

  56. Philip J, Adams, Labour International CLP

  57. CLLR Anthony Sykes, Makerfield CLP

  58. Ewan Cameron, Rushcliffe CLP

  59. Carole Wood, Rochdale CLP

  60. Chris Bligh, Plymouth Moor View CLP

  61. Delia McNally, Jarrow CLP

  62. Carmel Prescott, Bolton North East CLP

  63. Josie Fairless Walker, Newcastle Upon Tyne CLP

  64. Ann Battle, St Pancras North CLP

  65. Tariq Jabbar, Bradfield South CLP

  66. Clare Reeve, West Suffolk CLP

  67. George Hayes, Salisbury CLP

  68. Alexander Tiffin, Ross Skye and Lochaber CLP

  69. Simon Morrison-Peacock, Stockton South CLP

  70. Cathryn Everiss, Morley and Outwood CLP

  71. George Massey, Labour International CLP

  72. Christine Smith, Melton and Rutland CLP

  73. Simon Cox, Edmonton CLP

  74. Mark Lynn, Truro and Falmouth CLP

  75. Jane Heybrook, East Surrey CLP

  76. Tricia Scott, Hackney South CLP

  77. Claire Crossley, Bury CLP

  78. Hilary Klonin, Hessle Branch CLP

  79. Shauna Gavaghan, Hertsmere CLP

  80. Graham MacDonald CLP

  81. Patrick Dwyer, Garston and Halewood CLP

  82. Michael Skeel, North East Shropshire CLP

  83. Simon Jenkins, Sheffield Central CLP

  84. Linden Lynn, Totnes CLP

  85. Niall Sample, Blyth Valley CLP

  86. Simon Wolfers, Dwyfor CLP

  87. Katrina Roberts, Sedgefield CLP

  88. Sheen McKerrell, Keilghley and Ilkley CLP

  89. Angela Hague, Rutland and Melton CLP

  90. Pat Smullen, Bootle CLP

  91. Vee O’Brien, Leeds East CLP

  92. Jayne Alker, Plymouth Moorview CLP

  93. Richard Rozelaar, Woking CLP

  94. Jade Owen, Halton CLP

  95. Jackie Gent, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  96. Ian Gent, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  97. Daniel Gent, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  98. Nicola Regan, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  99. Jayne Regan, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  100. Martin Devanney, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  101. Janet Devanney, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  102. Dave Birkett, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  103. Jayne Birkett, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  104. Felicity Walmsley, Beverly and Holderness CLP

  105. Dean Sutton, Hull North CLP

  106. Iain Morris, Milton Keynes NorthCLP

  107. Lee Lowton, St Helens South CLP

  108. David Lowton, St Helens South CLP

  109. Michael Abberton, Cambridge CLP

  110. Edward Torsney, Aldridge Brownhills CLP

  111. Angela Porter, Gloucester CLP

  112. Gary Ross, Hertford and Stortford CLP

  113. Mel Poole, Birmingham and Erdington CLP

  114. Susan O’Lech, Tooting CLP

  115. John Reid, Hornchurch and Upminister CLP

  116. Donna Drozd, Southampton and Romsey CLP

  117. Ann Courtney, Dwyfor Meirionydd CLP

  118. Tony Davis, Witney CLP

  119. Lauren Harper, Renfrewshire East CLP

  120. Tim Appleton, Labour International CLP

  121. Helena Opoku, Carshalton and Wallington CLP

  122. Pamela Bottomly, Crewe and Nantwich CLP

  123. Chris Darlaston, Nuneaton CLP

  124. Dennis Fadden, Newcastle Upon Tyne CLP

  125. Jayne Phillips, Shrewsbury and Atcham CLP

  126. Sharon Witton, Hemsworth CLP

  127. David Gillian, Shipley CLP

  128. Annie Hailey, Suffolk West CLP

  129. Sandra Morland, Tynemouth CLP

  130. Tom Raeside, Lewisham Deptford CLP

  131. Christine Ellis, Copeland CLP

  132. Sally Garland, Torquay CLP

  133. Ian Ernest Wood, Hull, North CLP

  134. Phoebe Fuller,Peterborough CLP

  135. Roger Rees, Swansea East CLP

  136. Tanbir Siddique, Cheltenham CLP

  137. Ann Newton-Marcial, Eastbourne CLP

  138. Catherine Higgins, Wythenshawe and Sale East CLP

  139. Julie Harrington, Braintree CLP

  140. Judith Harris, Kemptown CLP

  141. June Turnbull, Sunderland CLP

  142. Michael Murray, Bath CLP

  143. Mary Francis, Forest of Dean CLP

  144. Carole Beckett, Castleford, Normanton and Pontefract CLP

  145. Jayne Edwards, Stone (Staffs) CLP

  146. Alison Stevens, Eastbourne CLP

  147. Paul Stevens, Eastbourne CLP

  148. Theresa Dunningham, Central Suffolk and North Ipswich CLP

  149. Matthew Austin, Labour International CLP

  150. Jennifer Cuffe, Middlesbrough CLP

  151. James Burns, Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford CLP

  152. Mr I Dracott, Eastbourne CLP

  153. Tessa Ogden, Labour International CLP

  154. Daniela Alberici, Camberwell and Peckam CLP

  155. Diane Hempsall, Brigg and Goole CLP

  156. Benjamin Michna, Gedling CLP

  157. Claire Miller, Manchester Withington CLP

  158. Irena Wieczerzynaska, Edgbaston CLP

  159. Lester Hickling, South Cambridgshire CLP

  160. Alexia Edwards, North West Cambs CLP

  161. Bill Curran, Caithness, Sutherland and Ross CLP

  162. Gavin McIntosh, Leeds West CLP

  163. Louise Cardus, Crewe and Nantwich CLP

  164. Brenda Poole, Eccles and Worsley South CLP

  165. Joe Sucksmith, Cheltenham CLP

  166. Kristy Lyall, Berwick upon Tweed CLP

  167. Joanne Rogers, Sefton Central CLP

  168. Stephen Hardman, Withington CLP

  169. Sharon Chitty, Suffolk Coastal CLP

  170. Sean Fernyhough, Ludlow CLP

  171. Sarah Costigan, Bootle CLP

  172. John Whearty, Liverpool Walton CLP

  173. Peter Wilson, Braintree CLP

  174. Fiona Shaw, Norwich North CLP

  175. William Fernandes, Makerfield CLP

  176. Kathleen Charles, Holborn and StPancras CLP

  177. Dean Jackson, Bylth Valley CLP

  178. Michael Cook, Kemptown and Peacehaven CLP

  179. Andrew O’Hagan, North East Fife CLP

  180. Dylan Billson, Torridge and West Devon CLP

  181. Carole Caunt, Sutton Vesey CLP

  182. Natasha Wood, West Dorset CLP

  183. James Tapper, Ynys Mon CLP

  184. Lisette Granados, Totnes CLP

  185. Steve Fogg, Blackley and Broughton CLP

  186. Jim Kelly, Labour International CLP

  187. Steven Bolam, North West Durham CLP

  188. L Murray, Hemsworth CLP

  189. David Smith, Leicester South CLP

  190. Simone Williams, Gloucester CLP

  191. Karen Foreshaw, Leigh CLP

  192. Kash Seeballuck, Bromley CLP

  193. Seth Sergent, Liverpool Riverside CLP

  194. Sue Letchford, Birkenhead CLP

  195. Phil Jones, Wirral West CLP

  196. Eleanor G Boyd, Motherwell and Wishaw CLP

  197. Stephen Bourne, Newcastle Under Lyme CLP

  198. J.C Murray, Hemsworth CLP

  199. Tony Rice, North Devon CLP

  200. Irene Bernard, Bootle CLP

  201. Edward Bernard, Bootle CLP

  202. Alan Coles, South Norants CLP

  203. Julian O’Brien, Bristol West CLP

  204. Julie Walker, Birkenhead CLP

  205. Sandra Holliday, Cynon Valley CLP

  206. Sue Castillon, Portsmouth North CLP

  207. Linda Heap, Southport CLP

  208. Jennifer Billington, Enfield North CLP

  209. Richard Thorne, Vale of Clwyd CLP

  210. Lisa Hughes, Bolsover CLP

  211. Sue Stevenson, Rutland and Melton CLP

  212. Cllr Margaret Howard, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP

  213. Helen Marr-Johnson, Labour International CLP
  214. Ian Gardner, Littlehampton and Bognor CLP
  215. Vanik Baboumian, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  216. Kate Buffery, North Islington CLP
  217. Rick Evans – North Warwickshire CLP
  218. Rosemary Golding, Berwick upon Tweed CLP
  219. Chris Kirk, Vauxhall CLP
  220. Ben Allard, Norwich North CLP
  221. Sally Beggs, SWNCLP
  222. Joe Field, Weston-super-Mare
  223. Trish Sansom, Torridge and West Devon CLP
  224. Thomas Douglas, Brighton Kemptown CLP
  225. Phil Turner, South Shields CLP
  226. Councillor Luke Richardson, Ipswich CLP
  227. Peter Craven, Blackley and Broughton CLP
  228. Lisa Craven, Blackley and Broughton CLP
  229. Andrew Muir, Mid Worcestershire CLP
  230. Michael Armstrong, Stoke North CLP
  231. Louise Gregson, St Helens South CLP
  232. Kevin Minnette, North West Cambs CLP
  233. Kathleen Allen, Manchester Central CLP
  234. Keith Mason, West Lancashire CLP
  235. Matthew Willis, Southampton Itchen CLP
  236. Graham Burn by-Crouch, Louth and Horncastle CLP
  237. Danny peck, Kettering CLP
  238. Ed Poole, Enfield North CLP
  239. Mary Baker Preseli Pembrokeshire CLP
  240. Adrienne Davis, Worthing West CLP
  241. John Ogden, Worthing West CLP
  242. Helen Field, New Forest East CLP
  243. Paul Brooks Macclesfield CLP
  244. Terence Dobson, Easington CLP
  245. Jon Harriss North East Hertfordshire CLP
  246. Mariam Ferraiolo, Wavertree CLP
  247. Julie Gardner, Nottingham South CLP
  248. Mary-Ellen Large, Kingston upon Hull North CLP
  249. Margaret Watson, Lincoln CLP
  250. Charley Allen, Hornsey and Wood Green
  251. Robert Jones – Bristol South CLP
  252. Buffy Robinson – North East Shropshire CLP
  253. Elaine Jackson, Erdington CLP
  254. Sylvia Knight, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  255. Pat Schan, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  256. Mark Cheeseman Mid-Norfolk CLP
  257. Margaret Dunne, Newcastle Central CLP
  258. B Wood, Corby CLP
  259. Toby Manning, Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
  260. Phil McKinnon, Aberdeen Central CLP
  261. Kim Arrand, SW Surrey CLP
  262. Laraine Cole, Thirsk and Malton CLP
  263. Sally Mcdonald, Gower CLP
  264. Lawrence Matthews, Manchester Central CLP
  265. David Jameson, Bootle CLP
  266. Anthony Dring, Southport CLP
  267. Margaret Ryan, Garston and Halewood CLP
  268. Colin Monehen, Harlow CLP
  269. Suzanne Morson, Durham North CLP
  270. Philippa Whitecross, Chipping Barnet CLP
  271. Richard Juby, Bexleyheath and Crayford CLP
  272. Fiona Henderson, Winchester CLP
  273. Chris Emptage, Ceredigion CLP
  274. Jeff Marchant, Central Devon CLP
  275. Mike Jackson, Erdington CLP
  276. Chris Boyd, Hove CLP
  277. Elaine Rigby, Bury South CLP
  278. C Critchley, Stockport CLP
  279. Matthew Stuart, Macclesfield CLP
  280. Sarah Grant, Rotherham CLP
  281. Ali Dogan, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
  282. June Martin, Elmet and Rothwell CLP
  283. Mary Findlay, Weaver Vale CLP
  284. Stephen Brown, Riverside CLP
  285. Virginia Harman, Somerton and Frome CLP
  286. Andy Whiteman, Labour International CLP
  287. Joe Wilson, Labour International CLP
  288. Eve Drayton, Labour International CLP
  289. Bernice Jervis, Shipley CLP
  290. Frances Hanlon, Holborn and Covent Gdn CLP
  291. Damian Armitage, Morley and Outwood CLP
  292. Jim Moores, Heywood and Middleton CLP
  293. Maureen Grant, Bootle CLP
  294. Jack Turner, Hartlepool CLP
  295. Robbie Wilson, Scarborough and Whitby CLP
  296. Lesley Wilson, Scarborough and Whitby CLP
  297. Daria Edwards, Kenilworth and Southam CLP
  298. Chris Foster, Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
  299. Pam Harris, Southampton CLP
  300. Tim Coates, Horsforth and Rawdon CLP
  301. Peter Shearer, Penrith CLP
  302. Barbara Brown, Fareham CLP
  303. Steven Wynne, Denton and Reddish CLP
  304. Steve Holden, Hastings and Rye CLP
  305. Julian Osborne, Cynon Valley CLP
  306. Rachel Thompson-Chapman, Jarrow CLP
  307. Jeff Bee, Birkdale CLP
  308. Samantha Mason, Walthamstow CLP
  309. William Hardman, Didsbury East CLP
  310. Robin Arnold, Wolverhampton NE CLP
  311. Liam Waghorn, Canterbury CLP
  312. Paul Henderson, Dudley North CLP
  313. Gary Miller, Watford CLP
  314. Erik Richardson, Leigh CLP
  315. Billie Reynolds, Reading West CLP
  316. John Regan, Blyth Valley CLP
  317. Paul O’Connell, Greenwich Peninsula CLP
  318. Anthony Wright, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  319. Avis Carter, Brighton Pavilion CLP
  320. Paul Brooker, Bridgewater and Somerset CLP
  321. Stephen Brown, Washington Tyne and Wear CLP
  322. Steph Shrubshall, Harwich and North Essex CLP
  323. Jeff Cavanagh, Ellesmere Port CLP
  324. Martin Walsh, Stoke-on-Trent North CLP
  325. Jamie Keepin, Cynon Valley CLP
  326. Annie Weatherly-Barton, South Holland and the Deepings CLP
  327. Loretta Layham, Weaver Vale CLP
  328. Thomas Edward Fallows, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CLP
  329. Sam Middleton, Hull West and Hessle
  330. Dean Bevan, Meon Vallet CLP
  331. Cindy McCourt, Altrincham and Sale CLP
  332. Maxine Woolrich, Don Valley CLP
  333. Leslé Digby, Arun and South Downs CLP
  334. Kevin Minnette, North West Cambs CLP
  335. Joyce Boyd, Southport CLP
  336. James Halloran, Batley and Spen CLP
  337. Katie Bottomly, Bradford South CLP
  338. Sara Audu, Kensington CLP
  339. Felicity De Motta, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  340. Kay Jenkinson, Haslingden and Hyndburn CLP
  341. Dave Greenhalf, South Dorset CLP
  342. Julia Anderson, Blaenau Gwent CLP
  343. Simone Eggar, South Swindon CLP
  344. David Ryan, Surrey Heath CLP
  345. Dave Griffin, Wirral South CLP
  346. Paul Griffiths, Dover and Deal CLP
  347. Alan Andrews, New Forest West CLP
  348. Dominic Chiverton, Mansfield CLP
  349. Paul Hutchens, North Norfolk CLP
  350. Linda Webb-Thornton, Cardiff North CLP
  351. Norman Iveson, Cardiff North CLP
  352. Cath Travis, Makerfield CLP
  353. Cllr Michelle Dorrell, Folkestone CLP
  354. Deborah Manley, Cotswold CLP
  355. Jackie Baker, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  356. Hannah Holtom, Ceredigion CLP
  357. Paul Longton, Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
  358. Mary Stirzaker, Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
  359. John Brodie, Tooting CLP
  360. Maria Gök, Nottingham South CLP
  361. Alex Cox, Louth and Horncastle CLP
  362. Sue Blackmore, The Wrekin CLP
  363. Lynne Colney, Louth and Horncastle CLP
  364. Paula McCourt, Northern Ireland CLP
  365. Paula Hancock, Sherwood CLP
  366. Sandra Veronica Scott, Rock Ferry CLP
  367. Anne-Marie Evans, Reading CLP
  368. Jo Crockett, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  369. John Brown, Bham Ladywood CLP
  370. Joe Kilker, Gloucester CLP
  371. Rowan Shaw, Labour International CLP
  372. Stephen Alexander, Hereford & South Herefordshire CLP
  373. Steve Walshe Selly Oak PLP, Birmingham
  374. Mr C Watson. Milton Keynes North CLP
  375. Joe Kilker, Gloucester CLP
  376. David Connor, Washington and Sunderland West CLP
  377. Andrew Connor, Washington and Sunderland West CLP
  378. Donna Wilson, Saffron Walden CLP
  379. Maxine Penkethman, Stoke North CLP
  380. Michael Penkethman, Stoke North CLP
  381. Mary Stickley, Labour International CLP
  382. Paul Spooner, Labour International CLP
  383. Carol McGuigan, Labour International CLP
  384. Karen Mellors, Charnwood CLP
  385. Peter Woolley, North West Norfok CLP
  386. Paul Raftery, Tooting CLP
  387. Matthew Fletcher, Mansfield CLP
  388. Paul Belbin, Hemsworth CLP
  389. Ann Bonner, Labour International CLP
  390. Paul Thomas, Erdington CLP
  391. Julia Anderson, Blaenau Gwent CLP
  392. Tristan Phillips, York inner CLP
  393. Martyn Bloomfield, Gedling CLP
  394. Emma Hall, Islington South CLP
  395. Joe Korner, Streatham CLP
  396. Caroline Sugrue, Thurrock CLP
  397. Jess Duncan, Carmarthen East & Dinefwr CLP
  398. Gerry Higham, Shrewsbury and Atcham CLP
  399. Philip Boyes ,Hemsworth CLP
  400. Emyr Jenkins, Vice chair Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CLP
  401. Moira McDermott, Blaydon CLP
  402. Debbie Wall, Warwick and Leamington CLP
  403. Bob Miller, Windsor CLP
  404. Ginny Battle, St Pancras North CLP
  405. Bridget Heelan, Greenwich CLP London
  406. Julie Larner, Aylesbury CLP
  407. Glyn Mills, Bridgend CLP
  408. Doug Troup, Ellesmere Port and Neston CLP
  409. Mark Bebbington , Bury North CLP
  410. Hazel Reed, Stockbridge CLP
  411. Sophie Jenkins, Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
  412. Keith Comber, Ashford CLP
  413. Veronica Cubbin, Weaver Vale CLP
  414. Alan Falconer, Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale CLP
  415. Steve Everett, Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire CLP
  416. Gayle Letherby, Truro and Falmouth CLP
  417. Megan Foster, West Bromwich West CLP
  418. Alan Smith, Halifax CLP
  419. Thomas M.Frost, Stoke-on-Trent North CLP
  420. Julie Brown, North East Bedfordshire CLP
  421. Stephen Heath, Denton & Reddish CLP
  422. Susan Thomas, Swansea West CLP
  423. Steven Holmes, North Warwickshire CLP
  424. Sabine Roach, East Hants Labour
  425. Carol Barnes, New Forest East CLP
  426. David Smith, West Derby CLP
  427. Dan Carr, Hall Green CLP
  428. Kevin Pulford Birkenhead CLP
  429. Marianne McCarthy, North East Cambs CLP
  430. Patrick Cottam Blackpool North & Cleveleys CLP
  431. Peter Barrett, Isle of Wight CLP
  432. Craig Foster, Ashton under Lyme CLP
  433. Neil Harvey, Southampton Test CLP
  434. Samford Spencer, Bournemouth East CLP
  435. John Crawley, Garston & Halewood CLP
  436. Paul Brooks, Wallasey CLP
  437. Chi Chan member Walthamstow CLP
  438. David Richard Graham, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
  439. Norma Dinnie-Weall, Colchester CLP
  440. Phil Elliott, Chorley CLP
  441. Denise Cassata Crewe, Nantwich CLP
  442. Holly Sutherland, Newcastle Central CLP
  443. A. James, Wolverhampton South East CLP
  444. Mark Trotman, Gloucester CLP
  445. Alan Tattersall, Stroud CLP
  446. Mark O’Neil, Liverpool Walton CLP
  447. Ian Russell, Shrewsbury and Atcham CLP
  448. Gill Page, Richmond (Yorks) CLP
  449. Cllr Gethin Jones, Monmouthshire CLP Chair
  450. Dave Rogan, Macclesfield CLP
  451. Howard Thorp, Eddisbury CLP
  452. Mark Seddon, New York Branch, Labour International
  453. Tom Pitt, Wansbeck CLP
  454. Gary Lefley, Chair, Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
  455. Peter Garrard, Chester CLP
  456. Yvonne Foss, East Surrey CLP
  457. Pam Hyett, Bromsgrove Labour Party Member
  458. Mark Purcell, Milton Keynes South CLP
  459. Piers Jackson, Colne Valley CLP
  460. Edward Tyrell, Norris Green Liverpool CLP
  461. Sophie Garrett, Wrekin CLP
  462. Adrian Litvinoff, Warwick and Leamington CLP
  463. Caterina Lai Cullinane, Peckham Rye CLP
  464. Andrew Scott, Durham North CLP
  465. Duncan Strange, Witney CLP
  466. Harry B Watts, Knowsley CLP
  467. Paul Belbin, Knowsley CLP
  468. Kim Cross, Hemsworth CLP
  469. Patricia Jammeh, Hemsworth CLP
  470. Maria Kyriacou, Enfield North CLP
  471. Michelle Hesler, Hull West and Hessle CLP
  472. Denise Leggett, Ettrick Roxburgh & Berwickshire CLP
  473. Susan Raddon Gillingham and Rainham CLP
  474. Carl Potts, Morecambe CLP
  475. Maureen Tennant-King, Hemsworth CLP
  476. Gay Whymark, Kenilworth and Southam CLP
  477. Kevin Freeman, Gedling CLP
  478. Sue Francis, Penistone & Stocksbridge CLP
  479. Matthew Senior, Brigg and Goole CLP
  480. Pauline Kitching, Hemsworth CLP
  481. Marianne Hitchen, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
  482. Matthew Fletcher, Mansfield CLP
  483. Lucy Wallis, Orpington CLP
  484. Harris Magusha Charambeni, Warrington North CLP
  485. Aled Jealous, Cardiff Central CLP
  486. Neil Salter, Forest Of Dean CLP
  487. Jackie Toseland, Central Devon CLP
  488. John McChrystal, Wallasey CLP
  489. Kyle Bond, East Surrey CLP
  490. Nicola Kirton, Aberdeen Central CLP
  491. Simon Truss Macclesfield CLP
  492. Philip Howard Pontyfract Castleford Normanton CLP
  493. Jacki Bowe Calderdale CLP
  494. Kevin Bowe Calderdale CLP
  495. Mike Smallman Brent Central CLP
  496. James Holah Ruislip, Northwood and Pinner CLP
  497. Elaine Dyson Delyn CLP
  498. Debbie Wall, Warwick and Leamington CLP
  499. Martyn Wood-Bevan, Swansea West CLP
  500. Frances McGowan, Huddersfield CLP
  501. Dr Stephanie Petrie, Sefton CLP
  502. Barry Hearth, Neath CLP
  503. Valerie Hearth, Neath CLP
  504. Pauline Lane, Pontypridd CLP
  505. Eileen Gibson, Beckenham CLP
  506. Diane (Di) Coffey, Truro and Falmouth CLP
  507. Stuart Crosthwaite, Sheffield Central CLP
  508. Damien Willey, St Ives CLP
  509. Sue Barron, Stafford CLP
  510. Michael Blamires, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  511. Annette Phillips, Clwyd South CLP
  512. T Dury, Chesterfield CLP
  513. Andrew Brown, Glasgow Cathcart labour party
  514. Pam Page, Brighton Pavillion CLP
  515. Robert Chadwick, Liverpool Walton CLP
  516. Fay Baker, Beckenham CLP
  517. Elizabeth Ramsden, Warley CLP
  518. Anna Colgan, Witney CLP
  519. Rob Garbett, Wrekin CLP
  520. Alan Booker, Tooting CLP
  521. Jan Vail, Ludlow CLP
  522. Peter Kelly, West Lancashire CLP
  523. Lawrence Mountford, Brigg and Goole CLP
  524. Lorraine Miller, Hackney CLP
  525. Philip Jones, Birkenhead CLP
  526. Mark Roberts, Isle of Wight CLP
  527. Stewart Dunbar, Batley and Spen CLP
  528. Bev Hughes, Rochdale CLP
  529. Michelle Ryan, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  530. Christine Hudson NW Norfolk CLP
  531. Ian M Jones, Maidenhead CLP
  532. Keith Chenery, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton CLP
  533. Lynda Jennings, Scarborough & Whitby CLP
  534. Greg Collins, Bramley CLP
  535. Jacqueline Bartram, Isle of Wight CLP
  536. Karen Meanwell and Terry
  537. Meanwell, East Yorkshire CLP
  538. Clare Kneebone Ludlow CLP
  539. Karen Fenwick, City of Durham CLP
  540. Helen Bentley, The Cotswolds CLP
  541. Jean Bell, Barnsley CLP
  542. R J Davies, Maidenhead CLP
  543. Anne Boundford, Portsmouth South CLP
  544. Vanessa Trentham, Romsey & Southampton North CLP
  545. Lynn Masterman, Normanton, Castleford and Pontefract CLP
  546. Jo Walton, Elmet and Rothwell CLP
  547. Stuart Wood, Dulwich and west Norwood CLP
  548. Elaine Bolton, Mid Sussex CLP
  549. Gemma Bolton, Mid Sussex CLP
  550. Sophia Bolton, Mid Sussex CLP
  551. Pat Turnbull, Hackney South and Shoreditch CLP
  552. Maggie Watson, Hull North CLP
  553. Derek Wolland. Wigan CLP
  554. Jackie Ferguson, Hemsworth CLP
  555. Katy Tyler, South Hams CLP
  556. Alan Maddison, Houghton and Sunderland South CLP
  557. Graham Isherwood, Hemsworth CLP
  558. Margaret Isherwood, Hemsworth CLP
  559. Diane Redrobe, Heywood & Middleton CLP
  560. Rich Elliott, Swinton South CLP
  561. Julie Walker, Portsmouth North CLP
  562. Adam Clifford, LPNI
  563. Carol Jones, South Ribble CLP
  564. Bill Anderson ,Basingstoke CLP
  565. Harry Virco, Fylde CLP
  566. Duncan McGarrity, Stoke on Trent Central CLP
  567. James Dylan Thomson, Cities of London and Westminster CLP
  568. Julie Nurthen, Hemsworth CLP
  569. Barbara Ellis, Horsham CLP
  570. Naomi Wallace, South Basildon and East Thurrock
  571. Joanne Goodchild, The Wrekin CLP
  572. Dr Gerard Hobley, Bolsover CLP
  573. Zoe Clarke, Clwyd South CLP
  574. Jacqueline Baker, Walton CLP
  575. Yvonne Harvell, Hackney South & Shoreditch
  576. Elizabeth Connell, North East Somerset CLP
  577. Sue Murphy, St Helens South & Whiston CLP
  578. Jill Narin Plymouth Moor View
  579. Gary Oldmeadow, Horsham CLP
  580. George Davie. Washington & Sunderland West
  581. Mike Veitch, Sunderland Central CLP
  582. Tracey Hart, Penrith and the Border CLP
  583. Chris Carlton, Keighley and Ilkley CLP
  584. Keith Finn CLP, Neath
  585. Robin White, Labour International
  586. Stuart Daniel Ball (Brighton Kemptown CLP)
  587. Ali Brownlie Bojang, Hove CLP
  588. Gary McGrath – Edinburgh Central CLP
  589. Mrs Sue Kelly, Fylde CLP
  590. Sue Beard, Dewsbury CLP
  591. David Clements South West Herts CLP
  592. Spencer Lewin – Charnwood CLP
  593. Mark Woodings – South Derbyshire CLP
  594. Akhtar Khan, Burngreave, Sheffield CLP
  595. Sue Fewster, Bury South CLP
  596. Joe Hill, Labour International CLP
  597. John Sutemire, Walton CLP
  598. Michael Hales, Weston super mare CLP
  599. Suzy Bowen, Bishop Auckland CLP
  600. Pauline Hammerton, Manchester Central CLP
  601. Pete Lawson. Branch: International
  602. Jason Manley, Cotswold CLP
  603. Nicola Malleson, Cotswold CLP
  604. Cllr Janet Mobbs, Stockport CLP
  605. Jean Barlow, Wigan CLP
  606. Lynne Price-Haskins, Cardiff South & Penarth CLP
  607. Christina Downes, Shipley CLP
  608. Edel McArdle, Stocksbridge and Penistone CLP
  609. Kasey Jacobson, Portsmouth (Brunel branch) CLP
  610. Penny Thornton Arundel & South Downs CLP
  611. Mr N Stirk, Pudsey CLP
  612. Julian Brown, Luton North CLP
  613. Alistair Cairns, St. Albans CLP
  614. Frances Forteau CLP Brent Central
  615. Alex Wood, Kensington CLP
  616. Pete Raymond, Poole, Dorset CLP
  617. Pat Marsh, Congleton CLP
  618. Christine de Pulford, Somerton and Frome CLP
  619. Tom Brandon, Streatham CLP
  620. Claire Lodge, Surrey Heath CLP
  621. R Keeling, Banbury & Bicester Labour Party
  622. Susan Kilgarriff, Chorley CLP
  623. Christine Wilson – Somerton & Frome CLP
  624. Graham Walker – Sevenoaks CLP
  625. Satish Barot, South Herefordshire CLP
  626. Brendan Stebbings. Bradford CLP
  627. Louise Newton, Preston CLP
  628. Gill Price, Riverside CLP
  629. Julie Jenkyns, Hull West and Hessle CLP
  630. Jackie Brown, Huddersfield CLP
  631. Graeme Lambert, Bury North CLP
  632. Jo Lawson, Huddersfield CLP
  633. Mark Green, Sedgefield CLP
  634. Dom DiMambro, Twickenham CLP
  635. Martin Relph, Wolverhampton SW CLP
  636. Jonathan Belcher, North Norfok CLP
  637. Sarah Hamer, Eccles CLP
  638. Gary Hamer, Eccles CLP
  639. Stanley Pugh, South East Cambridgeshire CLP
  640. Paul Davies. St Helens North CLP
  641. Michael jones, Bolton south east clp
  642. David Vernon Read, number L1454979
  643. Mark McIvor Westminster North CLP
  644. Daniel McWilliams Westminster North CLP
  645. lorraine Gibson, Burnley CLP
  646. Matthew Johnson, Newcastle North CLP
  647. Steve Hunt, Manchester Central CLP
  648. Julie Renyard, New Forest East CLP
  649. Mark Ruark Crawley West Sussex CLP
  650. Janine Baker – Reigate CLP
  651. W Templeton, Folkestone & Hythe CLP
  652. Mary Stewart, CLP Peterhead
  653. Michael Aspinall – Ribble Valley CLP
  654. Alan Clayton, Canterbury CLP
  655. Penny Hajduk, Kemptown and Peacehaven CLP
  656. Ian Christian, Chesterfield CLP
  657. David Seddon, Lewisham East CLP
  658. Anne Phipps, Penistone and Stocksbridge CLP
  659. Samantha Kelly, Gorton and Whalley Range CLP
  660. Dominic Varney, North East Derbyshire CLP
  661. Wendy Cooksey, Rotherham CLP
  662. Amanda Mcdowell, Portsmouth South CLP
  663. Jennifer Jones, Hodge Hill CLP
  664. Edward Devine, Copeland CLP
  665. Dawn McGuinness, Aberconwy CLP
  666. Derek Ferguson, Hemsworth CLP
  667. Jackie Ferguson, Hemsworth CLP
  668. Dean Thomas, Bridgwater clp
  669. Hilary Barker, Penrith and the Border CLP
  670. John Friend, Chelsea & Fulham CLP
  671. Catherine Cooper. Chippenham CLP
  672. Graham Eastwood, Blyth Valley CLP
  673. Andrew Davis, Argyll and Bute CLP
  674. Wendy Sindall – Harborough CLP
  675. Harry Richardson, South Ribble CLP
  676. Martin Allerton, wakefield CLP
  677. Rob Lennon, Sutton Coldfield CLP
  678. Trevor Giles, Tewkesbury CLP
  679. Cath Peach, North East Leeds CLP
  680. Teresa Connolly, Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
  681. Andrew Fell, Mid Sussex CLP
  682. David Hassall, Chesterfield clp
  683. Vince Canty, Warwick & Leamington CLP
  684. Carole Alexander, New Forest West CLP
  685. Eric Potts, Kenilworth and Southam CLP
  686. Helen Richards, Edmonton CLP
  687. Alison Lush, Warwick and Leamington CLP
  688. Richard Smith, Brighton CLP
  689. Audrey White, Riverside CLP
  690. Paul G Connolly, Huddersfield CLP
  691. David Armstrong, Lichfield CLP
  692. Stan Bates, Hemsworth CLP
  693. Lyn Milkman, Cardiff South and Penarth CLP
  694. Luke Noel-Storr, Warwick and Leamington CLP
  695. Julie Speed – Louth and Horncastle CLP
  696. Stephen Kent, NW Leicestershire CLP
  697. Sean Geraghty, West Dorset CLP
  698. Carl Clarke, Richmond Park CLP
  699. Donna Marriott – Rochester and Strood CLP
  700. Terry Clarke, Liverpool Riverside CLP
  701. Philip Dart, Plymouth CLP
  702. Jenny Bennett, Yeovil CLP
  703. Carl Tippins, Gloucester CLP
  704. Andrew Barker, Huddersfield CLP
  705. Andy Ross, Bermondsey and Old Southwark CLP
  706. Matthew Beavis, Nottingham South CLP
  707. Tristan Anthony, Ilford South CLP
  708. Irene Martin, Mid Fife & Glenrothes CLP
  709. Lesley Bourke, Bootle CLP
  710. Bob Katz – Altrincham and Sale west CLP
  711. Sara Rees, Brecon CLP
  712. Tracey Higgins, North Durham CLP
  713. Martin Watson, Cardiff West CLP
  714. Eleanor Tristram, Stafford CLP
  715. Ms C Taylor, Cunninghame North CLP
  716. Rachel Mandela, leeds north west CLP
  717. Sandra Delahunty, Wavertree CLP
  718. Judith McCarter, Huddersfield CLP
  719. Paul Pearce, Harwich and North Essex CLP
  720. Deborah Adshead, Heeley, Sheffield CLP
  721. Eifion Williams. Bolton West CLP
  722. Mary Carlin, Glasgow Provan CLP
  723. Andrew Chapman, Hull west & Hessle CLP
  724. Sally Hinds, New Forest East clp
  725. Christine Carty, Huddersfield CLP
  726. Paul Dawson, Milton Keynes North CLP
  727. Maureen Arnaiz, South Bristol CLP
  728. Declan Thawley
  729. Dave Thawley both from green heath branch, cannock chase CLP
  730. Paul Clooney, Chair Huddersfield CLP
  731. Marie Schofield, Huddersfield CLP
  732. Josephine Taylor Sheffield Central CLP
  733. Steve Daly, Morecambe and Lunesdale CLP
  734. Ian Marson, Huddersfield clp
  735. Janet Holstead, Hemsworth CLP
  736. Kirsty Warren, Buckingham CLP
  737. Lynn McKinnie, North East Hampshire CLP
  738. Andy Tanner-Smith, Southend West CLP
  739. Dave Hart, Liverpool West Derby
  740. John Doyle, Liverpool, Walton CLP
  741. Ollie Henwood Holder, Shipley CLP
  742. Gillian Fairhurst, Makerfield CLP
  743. Kirsten Downer, Lewisham and
  744. Deptford CLP
  745. Michael Duffy, Brent North CLP
  746. James Manders, Warrington South CLP
  747. Rachael Morris, Warrington South CLP
  748. Tom George, CLP Lewisham
  749. Rob Young , Oxford West and Abingdon CLP
  750. Steve Aldridge, Delyn CLP
  751. Elizabeth Hemingway, Knowsley North CLP
  752. Dave Lewis, CLP Secretary Camberwell & Peckham CLP
  753. John Bridge, Eddisbury CLP
  754. Graham Jervis, Shipley CLP
  755. Valerie Speed, Gainsborough clp
  756. Ursula Osborne, North Dorset CLP
  757. LOIS Shaw, Wigan CLP
  758. Ruth Tyson, Morecambe and Lunesdale CLP
  759. Donach Malachy, Wells CLP
  760. Tim Williams, Hounslow CLP
  761. Adella Harbar, Feltham & Heston CLP
  762. Gareth Murphy – Holborn & St Pancras CLP
  763. Vanessa Charters, Thirsk & Malton CLP
  764. Deborah Twigger, Huddersfield CLP
  765. Andrew Tyler Penrith and the Border CLP
  766. Judy Vigurs, Heaton Labour party
  767. Claire Balmer; Stratford on Avon CLP
  768. Dave Middleton, Cardiff North CLP
  769. Sheila Edwards, Shewsbury and Achamy CLP
  770. Jon Tibbo, Ilford South CLP
  771. William Hodson, Stockton South clp
  772. Christopher Jones Wavertree CLP
  773. Andy Colognori, Eastwood CLP
  774. Paul Lefley, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  775. Jackie Baker, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  776. Felicity de Motta, Hornsey & Wood Green CLP
  777. Pauline Walker, NW Durham CLP
  778. Stuart Walker, NW Durham CLP
  779. Donald mclachlan, Rutherglen CLP
  780. Virginia Bassett, Gainsborough clp
  781. Francis Ryan, Garston & Halewood CLP
  782. Peter Ross (Aylesbury CLP)
  783. Hanna Ross (Aylesbury CLP)
  784. Dave Farrar, Poplar and Limehouse CLP
  785. John Strachan, CLP: Harlow
  786. Les Moss, Hull West and Hessle CLP
  787. Kevin Wright, wavertree Clp Liverpool
  788. mary dowson, Berwick upon Tweed CLP
  789. Pete Whyte, Corby CLP
  790. Yvonne Folan, Monmouth CLP
  791. Robert Taylor – Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
  792. Alan hewson, Ceredigion Labour Party
  793. Ross Charnock, Rossendale and Darwen CLP
  794. Michael Whisson, CLP Blyth Valley
  795. Elvett Phipps – North East Bedfordshire CLP
  796. Laurence Braithwaite, Bournville CLP
  797. John Harris, Doncaster CLP
  798. Stuart Mondon – Christchurch CLP
  799. Christine Mooney, NW Norfolk CLP
  800. Joe Odell, Reading East CLP
  801. Alison Brown Cardiff central CLP
  802. Melissa Fazackerley South Northants CLP
  803. Caroline Conway, Bradford East CLP
  804. Nadia Edgmond, Brighton Pavilion CLP
  805. Sanjiv Joshi, Uxbridge and South Ruislip CLP
  806. Diane Hughes, Chatham CLP
  807. Aidan Pettitt, Brighton Pavilion CLP
  808. Alison Warner, Great Yarmouth CLP
  809. Suzanne Kerr. Waveney CLP
  810. Matthew Domine, Hemel Hempstead CLP
  811. Pauline Amos, Braintree CLP
  812. Vibeke Fussing, Orpington CLP
  813. Paul Wyatt – Derby North CLP
  814. Cathy Augustine, Wantage CLP
  815. Claude Baesens, Warwick and Leamington CLP
  816. Susan Ram, Labour International CLP
  817. Nigel Rushby, Mid-Beds CLP
  818. Nicola Shipstone, Stoke Central CLP
  819. David McGarry, Wallasey CLP
  820. Victoria Robinson, Hemsworth CLP
  821. Liv Singh, Hove & Portslade CLP
  822. Anne Mitchell, Hove CLP
  823. Matt Burton, Wealden clp
  824. Amanda James, Eddisbury CLP
  826. Catherine Terrie, formerly Dyffryn Nantle CLP,
  827. Antoinette Mangion. Croydon South CLP
  828. R. Birmingham, Faversham and Mid Kent CLP
  829. Gill Corless, South Thanet CLP
  830. Sue Rivers, Guildford CLP
  831. Diane Pearson Holborn and St Pancras CLP
  832. Iain Simms, Falkirk East CLP
  833. Ivan Marevich, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  834. Debbie Thompson, York CLP
  835. John Syme, Liverpool West Derby CLP
  836. Steve Jack (York Central CLP)
  837. Rosa Hachemi, Enfield North CLP
  838. Hannah Joinson, Cheshire West & Chester CLP
  839. A Butcher, North West Norfolk CLP
  840. Danny Shell, Sittingbourne & Sheppey CLP
  841. Elaine Tiffin, Brighton Kemp Town CLP
  842. Lynn Booth, North Shropshire CLP
  843. Patricia Courtney Hull North CLP
  844. Deborah Maccoby, Leeds North East CLP
  845. Pauline Elmore Basildon and Billericay CLP
  846. John Elmore Basildon and Billericay CLP
  847. Rodney Nicholls Bradford East CLP
  848. Allan Pearson, South Ribble CLP
  849. James Halloran, Batley & Spen CLP
  850. Sara Audu, Labour Party member Kensington
  851. Helen Eynon, St Ives CLP
  852. Peter Cave of City and Westminster CLP
  853. Kay Ballard, Bow and Bethnal Green CLP
  854. Diane Holyoak, North Somerset CLP
  855. Maureen Anne Fitzsimmons, West Lancashire CLP
  856. Deborah Grinnell Grantham CLP
  857. Jakki Oldfield, Colchester CLP
  858. John Tester, Guildford CLP
  859. Colin Oakley Labour International
  860. Ray Mooney North Norfolk CLP
  861. David Smith, Halesowen and Rowley Regis CLP
  862. Mansfield CLP Dominic Chiverton
  863. Karen Garratt, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  864. Anji Cassim, Wimbledon CLP
  865. Brendan Russell-Cooper and
  866. Rebecca Russell-Cooper, Shipley CLP
  867. John Lane, Hackney Downs CLP
  868. Simon Duane, Twickenham CLP
  869. Wendy Easter, Worcester CLP
  870. Vanessa Tomecki, Fylde CLP
  871. Kieron McCarron, Bath CLP
  872. Brenda Scobie, North Westminster CLP
  873. John Pawson, Barking CLP
  874. Gary Knapton, Salford and Eccles CLP
  875. Paul Burnett – Scarborough & Whitby CLP
  876. Nicholas Hall, North East Cambridgeshire CLP
  877. Joan Harris, City of Chester CLP
  878. Sylvia Pott, Newcastle North CLP
  879. Mags Kelly, York Central CLP
  880. Lizzie Fletcher, Stroud CLP
  881. Nicola Tudor (Mrs), Cardiff West CLP
  882. Cameron T Skinner, Bristol North West CLP
  883. Sarah Roberts, Alton CLP
  884. Jeremy Messenger, Tooting CLP
  885. Alan Freer, Middlesbrough CLP
  886. Gillian Parr, Makerfield CLP
  887. Diane Stokes, Mansfield CLP
  888. Glenn Jenkins Luton North CLP
  889. Darren Cogman, Dagenham & Rainham CLP
  890. Christina Carroll, Leeds West CLP
  891. Mary Winstanley Heywood and Middleton CLP
  892. Paul Knaggs, Chesterfield CLP
  893. Jon Lisle-Summers, Bury St Edmunds CLP
  894. Annie Sullivan, South Cambs CLP
  895. Julie Long, Widnes CLP
  896. Wendy Patterson, Newark CLP
  897. Warren Clarke, Nuneaton CLP
  898. Cathy Wilson, Wallasey CLP
  899. Sue Keefe, Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
  900. Brenda Burrell, Easington CLP
  901. Ian Elsdon, Feltham & Heston CLP
  902. Carole Elsdon, Feltham & Heston CLP
  903. David Allen, Gedling CLP
  904. Moray Grigor, Edinburgh Southern CLP
  905. Pat Melia, Halton CLP
  906. Joan Sharp, Bath CLP
  907. Steve Dawson, Warley CLP
  908. Emma Taylor; Worthing West CLP
  909. Haydn Chick, Coventry Southwest
  910. Art Butler, Suffolk Coastal CLP
  911. Katie Stibbon, Waveney CLP
  912. Neda Radulovic-Viswanatha, Richmond Park CLP
  913. Sue Lefley, Chingford and Woodford Green CLP
  914. Lee Johnson, Harrow West CLP
  915. Valeria Rispo, Selly Oak Birmingham CLP
  916. Sonya Andermahr, South Northants CLP
  917. Emma Newnham, Crawley CLP
  918. David Kennedy, Camberwell & Peckham CLP
  919. Colin Tyers, Bedford CLP
  920. William Ditchburn, Delyn CLP
  921. Peter Turner, Brigg and Goole CLP
  922. Srikanth Viswanatha, Richmond Park CLP
  923. Connie Jensen, Workington CLP
  924. Alistair Dawkins. Manchester Central CLP
  925. Finn Anderson – Salisbury CLP
  926. Gary Cormack; Caithness, Sutherland and Ross CLP
  927. Eleanor Hespe, Manchester Withington CLP
  928. Raymond Shemilt, North Cornwall CLP
  929. Christopher Grace, Mid-Norfolk CLP
  930. Judith Mabbott, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  931. Jen Wood, Milton Keynes CLP
  932. Ray Buckley, Dukinfield & Stalybridge CLP
  933. Nicola Harrison, Heywood & Middleton CLP
  934. Gary Walters – Redcar CLP
  935. Neil Darby, Greenwich and Woolwich CLP
  936. Andrea Burford, Leicester East CLP
  937. Ruth Knight – Slough CLP
  938. Barry Craik, Bedlington CLP
  939. Tim Wilkinson, Brighton Pavilion CLP
  940. Ludi Simpson, Shipley CLP
  941. George Fletcher, Stroud CLP
  942. Nick Adams, Tatton CLP
  943. Simon Hewitt, Shipley CLP
  944. Drew Taylor, North Wiltshire CLP
  945. Kate Midjek, Heywood & Middleton CLP
  946. Linda Dutton, Rossendale & Darwen CLP
  947. Barbara Shiels, Knowsley CLP
  948. Jean Shutt, Stalybridge and Hyde CLP
  949. Sian Thomas, Kingswood CLP
  950. Linda Sayle, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
  951. Liz Smith, Tynemouth CLP
  952. Sheila Williams, City of Durham CLP
  953. Mark Porciani, Glasgow Provan CLP
  954. John Taylor, Redcar CLP
  955. David Besser, Harrow West CLP
  956. Gillian Harris, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  957. Levi Moore, Vale of Glamorgan CLP
  958. Julie Tattersall Salford and ECCLES CLP
  959. Daphne Parkin, North Warwickshire CLP
  960. Sami Ghidini, Cambridge CLP
  961. Jo Shemmans, Selly Oak CLP
  962. Pete Compton – Morley & Outwood CLP
  963. Ian Thomson, Newark CLP
  964. Liz Hall, Brighton Pavilion CLP
  965. Mark Cleary, Mid Worcestershire CLP
  966. Tony Holland, Newport West CLP
  967. Keith Russell, Huddersfield clp
  968. Janet Mobbs, Stockport CLP
  969. Peter Hixon, Shepway CLP
  970. Kevin Harrison, South Suffolk CLP
  971. Tony Holland, Newport West CLP
  972. Roger Dainty. South Leicestershire CLP
  973. Michael Keane, Ribble Valley CLP
  974. Terence Pearson, Shrewsbury and Atcham CLP
  975. Liz Parry, South Clwyd CLP
  976. Stephen McGuire. North Durham CLP
  977. Steve Reed, Vale of Glamorgan CLP
  978. Mike Crome, Norwich South CLP
  979. Neil Anthony Hayward Lewis, York CLP
  980. Antony Radburn, Bognor Regis and Littlehampton CLP
  981. Beresford Lee-Moore, Edmonton CLP
  982. Denise Barnet-Henry, Islington South & Finsbury CLP
  983. Phil White, Newton Abbot CLP
  984. D Pearson, Brighton Kemptown CLP
  985. Des Ferguson, Wirral CLP
  986. Amina Mangera, Lewisham Deptford CLP
  987. Michael Bailey, South Northants CLP
  988. Rose Shillito, Kemptown CLP
  989. Tony Piper, York CLP
  990. Terry Brough, St Helens North CLP
  991. Georgina Gale, N E Bedfordshire CLP
  992. Alan Roebuck, Clacton CLP
  993. Simon Brears – Camberwell and Peckham CLP
  994. Shelley Martin, Elmet & Rothwell CLP
  995. Jo Urquhart, Ceredigion CLP
  996. Elizabeth Weaver, Walton CLP
  997. G. Halfpenny, Canterbury CLP
  998. Helen McDonald north Tyneside clp
  999. Mick Battle, St Pancras North CLP
  1000. Christopher Turner, Blackley & Broughton CLP
  1001. Lisa Rossetti – City of Chester CLP
  1002. Daniel Nelson, Barking CLP
  1003. Richard Norris, Glasgow Cathcart CLP
  1004. Suzanne Volante, walton clp liverpool
  1005. Anna Southern, Labour International CLP
  1006. Arthur Grimley, Redditch CLP
  1007. Rita Howard, Houghton and Sunderland south clp
  1008. Jeremy Denton, Banbury CLP
  1009. Chris Terry, Eastleigh CLP
  1010. Maria Pettit, SE Cambs CLP
  1011. Clare Curran, Altrincham & Sale West CLP
  1012. Chris Newman, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
    Matt Bradshaw, Shipley CLP
  1013. Andrew Bowen, Doncaster North CLP
  1014. Barry Slapp, Eltham CLP
  1015. Kevin Smith, Eltham CLP
  1016. Margaret Ruane, Solihull and Meriden CLP
  1017. Daphne Miles, Canterbury CLP
  1018. Nichola Lamkin, Swindon CLP
  1019. Julie Foulger, Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
  1020. Matt Thomas, Worthing West CLP
  1021. Sid Ledward, Wallasey CLP
  1022. Oliver Alpguner, Walthamstow CLP
  1023. Gareth Martin – Ashfield CLP
  1024. Richard Simkins, Sheffield Heeley CLP
  1025. Vivian Binson, Brighton CLP
  1026. Diane Holyoak, North Somerset CLP
  1027. Heather O’Hara, Blackpool South CLP
  1028. Lillian Jones, Cunninghame South CLP
  1029. Leila Vesander, South Norwich clp
  1030. Kathy Vickers, Cottingham CLP
  1031. Peter Buckley, Oldham West and Royton CLP
  1032. Eunice Wormald, Nuneaton clp
  1033. Linda Harris, Treorchy, Rhondda Cynon Taff CLP
  1034. Chris Kenny, Durham CLP
  1035. Kim Benoit, Rotherham CLP
  1036. Helen Mallam, Swansea East clp
  1037. Deidre St John, Alton CLP
  1038. Gary Howkins, Bury South CLP
  1039. Susan Simpson, Morley and Outwood CLP
  1040. Tom Wright, CLP : Rutland and Melton
  1042. Christina Carroll, CLP Leeds West
  1043. Gino Ferraiolo, Wavertree CLP
  1044. Julie Parkinson, Chorley, Lancashire clp
  1045. Ian Salkeld, York Guildhall CLP
  1046. Nathan Howarth, Bolton South CLP
  1047. Frances Naggs, Staffordshire Moorlands CLP
  1048. Nicola idrissi, Labour international clp
  1049. William Campbell, Southampton CLP
  1050. Daniel Plummer, Bristol East CLP
  1051. Alan York, Coventry South CLP
  1052. Paul Henderson, Leicester South CLP
  1053. Gem Parker, Sound West CLP
  1054. Ian Scott, Calder Valley CLP
  1055. Andy Rich, Lewisham East CLP
  1056. James Uscroft Stoke-On-Trent North
  1057. Robert Tattersall, Nottingham North CLP
  1058. Peter Harrison, North Tyneside CLP
  1059. Elaine McDonald, Basildon & Billericay CLP
  1060. Daniel Archer, North Essex CLP
  1061. Harry Spooner, Manchester Gorton CLP
  1062. Barrie Watts, North Herefordshire CLP
  1063. Richard Kilbride, Macclesfield CLP
  1064. David Bull, Rochester and Strood CLP
  1065. Adam Turner, Aberconwy CLP
  1066. John Brazendale – Shipley CLP
  1067. Susan Titmus, Leigh CLP
  1068. Tess Penman, Bootle CLP
  1069. Liam Greenslade, Gillingham & Rainham CLP
  1070. Kelvin Nicholls, Stone CLP
  1071. Cathy Warmington, Bournemouth CLP
  1072. Stephen Evans, Rhondda CLP
  1073. J Murphy, Sefton Central CLP
  1074. Jane Webb, Witham CLP
  1075. Louise Pantry, Hove CLP
  1076. Linda Kehoe, Stretford & Urmston CLP
  1077. Ken Jarmin, Waveney CLP
  1078. Caroline Richardson, Workington CLP
  1079. Ted Parkins, Stourbridge CLP
  1080. Kevin Mullins, East Yorkshire CLP
  1081. Lesley Carty, South-East Cornwall CLP
  1082. Marcus Morgan, Bristol West CLP
  1083. P Hourigan, brought and Blackley CLP
  1084. John Burrows, Tottenham CLP
  1085. Diane Grey, Somerton and Frome CLP
  1086. Sean Griffiths, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
  1087. Clarissa Minns, North Dorset CLP
  1088. Jim Smith, Barking CLP
  1089. Beryl Probert, Cynon Valley CLP
  1090. David Chadwick, Preston CLP
  1091. Mary Lindsay, Keighley CLP
  1092. Saviour Busuttil, Leeds Central CLP
  1093. Yvonne Harvell, Shoreditch and Hackney South CLP
  1094. Ron Eales, North Nottighamshire CLP
  1095. Stephen Sparrow, Somerton and Frome CLP
  1096. Charlotte Ferriday Torridge and West Devon CLP
  1097. Patricia O’Hara, West Ham CLP
  1098. Mark Porciani, Glasgow Provan CLP
  1099. Sue Pankhurst West Suffolk CLP
  1100. Greta Olechnowicz -Quistorff, Tooting CLP
  1101. Jan Feathers – Stevenage CLP
  1102. Mark Feathers – Stevenage CLP
  1103. Michael McCarthy, Ealing North CLP
  1104. Jon Blake, Cardiff West CLP
  1105. Rick Jewell, Sutton and Cheam CLP
  1106. Chris Spall, Spelthorne CLP
  1107. Susan Campbell, Holborn & St Pancras CLP
  1108. Gillian McGibben, Saffron Walden CLP
  1109. John Beeching. Bexhill and Battle CLP
  1110. Tom Collis, Ipswich CLP
  1111. Paul Ward, Middlesbrough South CLP
  1112. Mary Wheeler, Southampton and Romsey CLP
  1113. Nigel James, Chester CLP
  1114. Pamela Parsons, Alyn & Deeside CLP
  1115. Charles Wickenden, Maidenhead CLP
  1116. Rik Evans, Truro & Falmouth CLP
  1117. Mark Wareham, Salisbury CLP
  1118. Jeanne M Roberts, Manchester Gorton CLP
  1119. Gerard Daly, Esher & Walton CLP
  1120. Andrew Hughes, Cynon Valley CLP
  1121. Lesley Letts, West Dorset CLP
  1122. Jodi Thomas, Eddisbury CLP
  1123. Peter Thomas, Eddisbury CLP
  1124. Andrew Feinstein, Holborn & St. Pancras CLP
  1125. Terry Sheridan, Salford CLP
  1126. Nichola Lamkin, Swindon CLP
  1127. Sally Johns Green, Harwich and Manningtree CLP
  1128. Mick Murphy, North Norfolk CLP
  1129. Anna Clayden, Kensington and Chelsea clp
  1130. Jane Murphy, North Norfolk CLP
  1131. Anita Darnell. Barking and Dagenham CLP
  1132. Nikola Mansfield, Bracknell CLP
  1133. Geoffrey Lashley, North Durham CLP
  1134. Roland Shanks, Tottenham CLP
  1135. Emily Bloor Mole Valley Surrey CLP
  1136. Jacqueline Clifford, Penrith and the Border CLP
  1137. Jackie Cairns, Preston CLP
  1138. Lynne Manjengwa, Newark & Sherwood CLP
  1139. Carol Clegg, Oldham CLP
  1140. Joe McCann, Northern Ireland CLP
  1141. Siobhan Mooney, Vauxhall CLP
  1142. Michael Smith, CLP Eastleigh
  1143. Julie Harvey, Cardiff North CLP
  1144. Cathy Bradley, Canterbury CLP
  1145. Paul Jameson – Stockton North CLP
  1146. Maggie Gothard, Skipton and Ripon CLP
  1147. Tony Gothard, Skipton and Ripon CLP
  1148. Gillian Williams, North West Durham CLP
  1149. Pauline Vernon, Thornbury & Yate CLP
  1150. Kevin Stables, Worcester CLP
  1151. Mary Long. Liverpool Walton CLP
  1152. Halil Can- Labour member and Unison delegate at Hackney North and Stoke Newington CLP
  1153. Helen Williams, South Ribble CLP
  1154. Sandra Mutch, Newcastle North CLP
  1155. Steve Mackie, Salisbury CLP
  1156. Jamie Staniforth – Aly and Deeside CLP
  1157. Jumbo Chan, Brent Central CLP
  1158. Zak Azimov Eltham CLP
  1159. Maggie West Truro Falmouth CLP
  1160. Jean Ferguson, Labour member Gateshead CLP
  1161. Vera baccino, liverpool Labour Party member
  1162. Dave Lewis Kingston upon Hull West and Hessle clp
  1163. Jae Robinson, Yardley clp
  1164. Steve Johnson, Mid-Sussex CLP
  1165. Stan Was, Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
  1166. Josephine Dickinson, Penrith and the Border CLP
  1167. Alison Errington, Isle of Wight CLP
  1168. Andrea Bell, North Tyneside CLP
  1169. Sarah Wise, Westminster North CLP
  1170. Pat Richmond, Ogmore CLP
  1171. Cllr Cheryl Raynor, Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
  1172. Mark Benfold, Ashford CLP
  1173. Ruth Antill, Wolverhampton South East CLP
  1174. Alan Bellchambers, Plymouth CLP
  1175. Margaret Egerton, Weston-super-Mare CLP
  1176. Phil Williams, Shrewsbury & Atcham CLP
  1177. Graham Bendel, Brent North CLP
  1178. Stephen M Dermott, Macclesfield CLP
  1179. Robert Davies, CLP Cardiff West
  1180. Jenny Kassman, Islington North CLP
  1181. Robert Fuller, Chatham and Aylesford CLP
  1182. Jacqueline Brown, CLP Nottingham North
  1183. Daniel Rowe, North Shropshire CLP
  1184. Tristan Rivett-Carnac, Folkestone and Hythe CLP
  1185. June Gosling, Barking and Dagenham CLP
  1186. Mike Nightingale, Cardiff West CLP
  1187. Graham Rutherford, Coventry NW CLP
  1188. Mohammed Rashid, Bury north CLP
  1189. Rob Jefferson, Folkestone and Hythe CLP
  1190. Mary Murphy, Manchester Central CLP
  1191. Steve Lawler, Southport CLP
  1192. C Jane Kaczynski – Edinburgh Southern CLP
  1193. Brian Coupland, West Lancashire CLP
  1194. Ken Archer, Easington CLP
  1195. Katy McDonough, Halton CLP
  1196. Hazel Salisbury, Hinckley & Bosworth CLP
  1197. Dawn Ingram-Jones, Caerphilly CLP
  1198. Ian Wood, Hull North CLP
  1199. Jill Wilson, North Durham CLP
  1200. Alexandria Hassett- Erith and Thamesmead CLP
  1201. John L Gibson, North Thanet CLP
  1202. Robert Dobbins, Newark CLP
  1203. Philip Smart, Hereford CLP
  1204. Dave Finn, Ilford North CLP
  1205. Judith Reynolds, Rother Valley CLP
  1206. Aruna Howells, Telford CLP
  1207. Erica Coles, Tamworth CLP
  1208. Des Cawley, Greenwich & Woolwich CLP
  1209. Peter Clark, City of Durham CLP
  1210. Gloria George, Cities of London and Westminster CLP
  1211. Lynne Moody, East Hull CLP
  1212. Scott Ramone – North West Leicestershire CLP
  1213. Vikki Harper, Newark CLP
  1214. Geraint Ashcroft, Cynon Valley CLP
  1215. Denise Trott, Gosport CLP
  1216. Gill McCall, Wimbledon CLP
  1217. Dave Williams, TULO Garston and Halewood CLP
  1218. Nadia Jones, Islington North CLP
  1219. Josef Bryers, Herne Hill CLP
  1220. Tracey Burke-Taylor, Hampstead and kilburn clp
  1221. Rachael Willbourn, Liverpool Riverside CLP
  1222. Paul Brooks, Wallasey CLP
  1223. Tim Barlow, Chester CLP
  1224. Stephen FP Wells, Rossendale & Darwen CLP
  1225. Sandy McSherry, Bassetlaw CLP
  1226. Andy Thompson, Birmingham (Ladywood) CLP
  1227. Lesley Saunders, South Dorset CLP
  1228. Sally Roberts, Truro and Falmouth CLP
  1229. David T. Searle. Llanelli CLP
  1230. Tim Heaton S & U CLP
  1231. Stephen Williams, Lewisham West/Penge CLP
  1232. Ian Hunter, Garston & Halewood CLP
  1233. Simeon Gill, Stretford and Urmston CLP
  1234. Linda Hansard, Bath CLP
  1235. Richard Thornton, Beverley and Holderness CLP
  1236. William Wrigley, Kingswood CLP
  1237. MR S.Smith Bolton west CLP
  1238. Patricia Cross, Wirral West CLP
  1239. Jean Hardman, Withington CLP
  1240. Jesse Keen, Bury North CLP
  1241. Nerina Vaughan, Dwyfor Meirionnydd CLP
  1242. Dave Owen, Hackney North CLP
  1243. Siôn Rickard, Youth Officer, Aberconwy CLP
  1244. Rosemary Henke, Labour International CLP
  1245. Gillian McGarry, Sheffield SE
  1246. Leonie Rushforth, Hackney North CLP
  1247. Joseph Stuart, St Ives Cornwall CLP
  1248. Nathan Waller, Southampton, Test, CLP
  1249. lawrence beech, Cambridge clp
  1250. Simon Blackwell. Mid-Norfolk CLP
  1251. Nicholas Parsons, Gosport CLP
  1252. Rod Hartley, South Ribble CLP
  1253. Leigh Griffiths, Barnet CLP
  1254. Rob Donovan – St Ives Constituency
  1255. Jack Roche-Winson Enfield CLP
  1256. Ian Merricks, Bromley & Chislehurst CLP
  1257. Peter Creek, Richmondshire CLP
  1258. Lizzie Romilly, Walthamstow CLP
  1259. Michael Murray, Thirsk and Malton CLP
  1260. Debbie McCarthy, West Worcs CLP
  1261. Ruth White, Wavertree, Liverpool CLP
  1262. Philippa Salter CLP Falmouth & Truro
  1263. Katherine Coutanche, Aberconwy CLP
  1264. Angus Andrews, Aberconwy CLP
  1265. Claude Barbé- Brown, Hackney Downs CLP
  1266. Pamela Cooke, Charnwood CLP
  1267. Don McGowan, Enfield Southgate CLP
  1268. Kevin Burke, Stoke-on-Trent Central CLP
  1269. William Todd (Wimbledon CLP)
  1270. Ann Pugh, South Staffordshire CLP
  1271. Kevin Walsh, Colchester CLP
  1272. Andy Halewood, Chippenham CLP
  1273. Daniel Vulliamy, East Yorkshire CLP
  1274. Lucy Vulliamy, East Yorkshire CLP
  1275. Bernard Marsden, Bolton North East CLP
  1276. Rowena Godfrey, Leeds Central CLP
  1277. Paul Harrison, Sefton Central CLP
  1278. Paul Simpson – Louth and Horncastle CLP
  1279. Stephen Moss, Camberwell and Peckham CLP
  1280. Peter Stephenson, Blaydon CLP
  1281. Lee Pugh – Rhondda CLP
  1282. Branka Young, Streatham CLP
  1283. Shaun Nicholls – Rother Valley CLP
  1284. John Chatham, Ynys Mon CLP
  1285. Ben Tunstall, Streatham CLP
  1286. Dawn Parry, Weston-super-Mare, Worle and the Villages CLP
  1287. Yvonne Smart, Carmarthen east and Dinefwr
  1288. Justin Clements, Carmarthen east and Dinefwr
  1289. Ken Thomas, East Surrey CLP
  1290. W L Jones, Oswestry & North Shropshire CLP
  1291. Rhonda Flynn, East Worthing and Shoreham clp
  1292. Jack Pottinger, Chesterfield CLP
  1293. Marc Gibson, Rushcliffe CLP
  1294. Eileen Procter, Tunbridge Wells CLP
  1295. John Allen, Sheffield Heeley CLP
  1296. Paul Osman, Derbyshire Dales CLP
  1297. Denis Lenihan, Hackney North & Stoke Newington CLP
  1298. John Davies, Coventry NE CLP
  1299. Cathy Jarman, Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP
  1300. John Williams – Norwich South CLP
  1301. Linda Campbell – Norwich South CLP
  1302. Roy Molyneux, Liverpool Riverside CLP
  1303. Astrid Herdman, Islington North CLP
  1304. Jim Urpeth, Eltham CLP
  1305. Allison Malcolm, Newark and Sherwood clp
  1306. Alison Ayers, Winchester CLP
  1307. Tim Christie, Streatham CLP
  1308. David Campbell – Glasgow Kelvin CLP
  1309. Beryl-Ann Williams.. Llanelli CLP
  1310. Diane Allen. Ashton under Lyne CLP
  1311. Aubrey Ashelford, Weymouth CLP
  1312. Malcolm Mckinnell, Liverpool West Derby
  1313. Michael Wolffe, Wyre and Preston North Constituency
  1314. Sharon Morgan – Montgomeryshire CLP
  1315. Leta Cullen, Gedling CLP
  1316. Martin Beal, Cambridge CLP, Cambridgeshire
  1317. Anthony Naulty, Stockport CLP
  1318. Martin Jordin, Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough CLP
  1319. Mark Serlin, Hornsey and Wood Green CLP
  1320. Chris O’Donovan, Harborough CLP
  1321. Sue Bryer, spelthorne clp
  1322. Alan Mc Cabe, CLP Croydon
  1323. Joan Liversedge- Beverley and Holderness CLP
  1324. Nigel Baldwin, Eastbourne CLP
  1325. David Timlin – Durham CLP
  1326. Tony Foster, Arfon CLP
  1327. Roger Kitsell. Neath CLP
  1328. Ian Coatman, Pudsey CLP
  1329. Teresa Mulqueen, Streatham CLP
  1330. Paul Harper, Reading and District CLP
  1331. Sue Griffiths Blaydon CLP
  1332. Mick Miles. Islington South & Finsbury CLP
  1333. Catherine Ashton-Brooks – Leicester South CLP
  1335. Paula, Eddisburry CLP
  1336. Frances Hilton, Labour International CLP
  1337. Donna Stevenson, Midlothian north and Musselburgh CLP
  1338. Tony Byford, Labour International CLP
  1339. Steve Kearsley, St Helen’s North CLP
  1340. Andrew Carter, Eltham CLP
  1341. Simon Cooke, Wakefield CLP
  1342. Gillian Connell, Winchester CLP
  1343. Pete Gates, Rushcliffe CLP
  1344. Christine Miller LI CLP, Costa Blanca Branch
  1345. Nicole Gough, Labour International CLP
  1346. Helen Butcher, Mid Derbyshire CLP
  1347. Nathan Lee Davies – Wrexham CLP
  1348. Linda Edmondson, Ludlow CLP
  1349. Brian Astbury – Streatham CLP
  1350. Roger Howard, Manchester Central CLP
  1351. Kerry kousiounis, Bristol West CLP
  1352. Carlos Soto, Finchley & Golders Green CLP
  1353. Beverley Coxhead, Cotswolds CLP
  1354. Wendy Morgan, Aberconwy CLP
  1355. Ian Warren, Stalybridge & Hyde CLP
  1356. Peter Thomas St George’s Ward Islington CLP
  1357. Adelaide Raimundo, Durham CLP
  1358. Ross Slater, St Albans, CLP
  1359. Christopher Stocker, Harborough CLP
  1360. John Beresford, Leeds west CLP
  1361. Gareth Johnstone, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP
  1362. Carole Symons, Hendon CLP
  1363. Tom Graham, Gateshead CLP
  1364. Kevin Safford, Aldershot CLP
  1365. William Edmondson, Ludlow CLP
  1366. Christine Welford, St. Helens CLP
  1367. Karen Durley – Milton Keynes North CLP
  1368. John Ingamells. Hull East CLP
  1369. Lynda Sergeant, Riverside CLP
  1370. Mark Davies, City of Durham CLP
  1371. Ian Fletcher – Weaver Vale CLP
  1372. Ian westell, Plymouth Sutton and Devonport CLP
  1373. Hugo Blake, Dulwich and West Norwood CLP
  1374. Chris Helm: Knowsley CLP
  1375. Karen Heaton – Stockton North CLP
  1376. Margot Williams, Hereford & South Herefordshire CLP
  1377. Åsa Jansson, Hove & Portslade CLP
  1378. Doreen Williams, Hereford & South Herefordshire CLP
  1379. Jean Fardoe, Hereford & South Herefordshire CLP
  1380. Jenny Vinson – Spelthorne CLP
  1381. Yvonne Osman, Newark CLP
  1382. Paul Atkinson, South Cambridge CLP
  1383. Ray McHale, Ellesmere Port & Neston CLP
  1384. Mervyn Hartwig – Vauxhall CLP
  1385. Duncan Bradshaw, Delyn CLP
  1386. Mike Walsh, Withington CLP
  1387. Allison Fewtrell, Withington CLP
  1388. Mark Pugh, Reading West CLP
  1389. Jeff Goatcher, Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP
  1390. Colin Jones, Hackney south CLP
  1391. Richard Lees , Hull North plc
  1392. Paul Norris, Barnsley East CLP
  1393. Jane Adams, Rochdale CLP
  1394. Edward Paul Dogan – Folkestone & Hythe CLP
  1395. Luke Andreski – Bristol West CLP
  1396. Anthony Hagger – Hull East CLP
  1397. Andy Wistreich, Yeovil CLP
  1399. Daniel Fletcher, Ashfield CLP
  1400. Lynn Dye, Hertford & Stortford CLP
  1401. Monika lenox – Louth and Horncastle CLP
  1402. Andrew Moor, Darlington clp
  1403. Robert Wood — Streatham CLP
  1404. Mandy Clare, Eddiabury CLP
  1405. Charles Regan, Birmingham Northfield CLP
  1406. Carmen Vazquez, Hammersmith CLP
  1407. Hilary Smith, Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP
  1408. Thomas Smith, Morecambe & Lunesdale CLP
  1409. Hannah Moynehan. SWHerts CLP
  1410. Elaine Hutchison, Rossendale CLP

  1411. Jeff Brake, Labour International CLP

  1412. Joyce Shorley, Harborough CLP

  1413. Michael Burn, North West Cambridgeshire clp

  1414. Jennifer Jones, Shipley CLP.

  1415. David Stevenson,Glasgow Southside CLP.

  1416. David Thomas, Hertford and Stortford CLP

  1417. Robert Howells, Telford clp

  1418. Saul Staniforth, Brigg and Goole CLP

  1419. Anura Dassanayake. Windsor CLP

  1420. Christine Lightbody, Isle of Wight CLP

  1421. Kevin Gill, Sheffield Hallam CLP

  1422. Nasir Ali, CLP: Inverness and Nairn

  1423. Michael Wright, Worthing West CLP

  1424. Bay Whitaker, Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough CLP

  1425. Nick McDonough, Chesham and Amersham CLP

  1426. David McNiven, Preston CLP

  1427. David Boyden, Halton CLP

  1428. Carol Milner, Coventry North West CLP

  1429. Dilys Hadley – East Devon CLP

  1430. Linda Ronning, North Somerset CLP

  1431. Ronald Ronning, North Somerset CLP

  1432. Sarah Brittlebank, Warrington South CLP

  1433. Alan McQueen, Macclesfield CLP

  1434. Marion Hughes, Liverpool West Derby CLP

  1435. Helen Chaplin, Warrington South CLP

  1436. Jason Russell – Chichester CLP

  1437. Mick White, Huntingdonshire CLP

  1438. Alex Thomas, Torfaen CLP

  1439. Dave Cullen. Hartlepool CLP

  1440. Debbie Wiles, Northampton South CLP

  1441. Marilyn Hobson, Treasurer of Aberconwy CLP

  1442. Steve Greenwood, Heywood and Middleton clp

  1443. Rada Lewis, Putney CLP

  1444. Michelle Turner, North Wiltshire CLP

  1445. Joe Belcher, Birmingham Ladywood CLP

  1446. Betina Dambire, Luton CLP

  1447. Luke Styles, Hove & Portslade CLP

  1448. David Murray, East Yorkshire CLP

  1449. Sarah Murray, East Yorkshire CLP

  1450. Mohammed Shafiq, Walsall South CLP

  1451. Dr Stephen Wilkinson, SW Herts CLP

  1452. Geoff Palmer, Chipping Barnet CLP.

  1453. Kevin Leonard, Hexham CLP

  1454. Jennifer Dromey, Lewisham Deptford CLP

  1455. Gillian Martin, Leeds NE CLP

  1456. Angela Peoples, Northern Ireland CLP

  1457. Tim Jones – East Oxford CLP

  1458. Adrian Hedley, City of Durham CLP
  1459. Andrew Dawson, Wirral West CLP
  1460. Sandra Rogers, Halton CLP
  1461. Karen Capovila, Barrow and Furness CLP
  1462. Vivian Scarlett Doncaster North CLP
  1463. Mat Milovanovic, Hammersmith CLP
  1464. Rob Welborn, leeds NE CLP
  1465. Luke Turnbull, Leeds North West CLP
  1466. Simon Turner – Bridgwater & West Somerset CLP
  1467. Teresa Allen, Powys CLP
  1468. John Kelly, Warley CLP
  1469. Maximilian Cowell, Banbury CLP
  1470. Stasha Laura, Reading and District CLP
  1471. Kate Lattimore, Plymouth, Sutton and Devonport CLP
  1472. Nicola Dodd, Lewisham West & Penge clp
  1473. Craig Chambers, Pontypridd CLP
  1474. Lynne Mackey, Pudsey CLP
  1475. Gary Jakings, Peterborough CLP
  1476. Mac Clarke, Tottenham CLP
  1477. Karen Lovatt, Barnsley CLP
  1478. Amy Boyd, Bristol North West CLP
  1479. Ashley C Parkin, Gedling CLP
  1480. Simon O’Halloran, Doncaster Central CLP
  1481. Peter Betts, Leyton & Wanstead CLP
  1482. Antonio Lalonga, CLP Hove
  1483. Paul Leatham, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  1484. Roger Yates, Bristol West CLP
  1485. Josef Dillon: Burnley CLP
  1486. Ashley C Parkin, Gedling CLP
  1487. Simon O’Halloran, Doncaster Central CLP
  1488. Peter Betts, Leyton & Wanstead CLP
  1489. Antonio Lalonga, CLP Hove
  1490. Ian Gibson, Edinburgh Southern CLP
  1491. Linda Belgrove, Harwich & North Essex CLP
  1492. Peter Tennant, Aberdare(CYNON VALLEY) CLP
  1493. Cathy Glynn-Davies, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  1494. Jacqueline Gittens, Norwich North CLP
  1495. Sarah Rice, Gosport CLP
  1496. Norman Candy, Croydon South CLP
  1497. Craig A. Logan, City of Chester CLP
  1498. John William Ross, Bracknell CLP
  1499. Mary Wheeler, West Derby CLP
  1500. Pen Hayward, Manchester Withington CLP
  1501. Andrea Reid, Filton and Bradley Stoke CLP
  1502. Daniel Byrne, Edinburgh Pentlands CLP
  1503. Chris Cavanagh, Liverpool West Derby CLP
  1504. Anthony Seed, Liverpool Walton CLP
  1505. Michael Laycock, Leeds West CLP
  1506. Colin Davies. Southport C.L.P.
  1507. Mark Bowden – Exeter CLP
  1508. Brian Kelly – CLP – Camberwell and Peckham
  1509. Lee Hayes, Winchester CLP
  1510. Tony Loftus. Ealing Central and Acton CLP
  1511. Suzanne Heeler, Houghton and Sunderland South CLP
  1512. Tania Thomas, West Bridgford
  1513. Julius Marstrand, Tewkesbury CLP
  1514. Andy Francis, Liverpool West Derby CLP
  1515. Nick Taylor, Hull North CLP
  1516. Adam Sharpe, South Thanet CLP
  1517. Jacob Allen – Guildford CLP & Co-Chair of Surrey Labour Students
  1518. Tim Munton – Maidstone and the Weald CLP
  1519. Janet Yates, North Cornwall CLP
  1520. Cassandra Booth – Hertsmere CLP
  1521. Razi Siddiqui- CLP Feltham & Heston
  1522. Pauline Young, Alnwick CLP
  1523. Linda Foord, Maldon CLP
  1524. Sean Burke, Brighton Kemptown CLP
  1525. Kirsti Furnival, Folkestone and Hythe CLP
  1526. Scott Ward, Lancaster and Fleetwood CLP
  1527. Elliott Smart, South Cambridgeshire CLP
  1528. Kirsty Field, South West Wiltshire CLP
  1529. Terina Hine, Cities of London and Westminster CLP
  1530. Frank Belgrove, Harwich & Nth Essex CLP
  1531. Elaine Winstanley, Sefton CLP
  1532. Paula Tann, Liverpool Riverside CLP
  1533. Mark Tyler, Sheffield Hallam CLP
  1534. Helen Taylor, Carmarthen East and Dinefwr CLP
  1535. Di Bignell, Isle of Wight CLP
  1536. Bill Geoghegan, Selly Oak CLP
  1537. Linda Gates, Kingswood CLP
  1538. Tracy Masters, Bury St Edmunds CLP
  1539. Mark Harris, Dudley South CLP
  1540. Tony Lyons, Plymouth Sutton CLP
  1541. Michel Laurent-Regisse, Amersham & Chesham CLP
  1542. John McGeechan, Totnes CLP
  1543. Jackie Cairns, Preston CLP
  1544. Raymond Atkins, Broadland CLP
  1545. Roger Windsor, Hereford & South Herefordshire CLP
  1546. Alan Rice, Gosport CLP
  1547. Sophia Malik, Gosport CLP
  1548. Gemma Astin, Wirral South CLP
  1549. Rachel McGrath, Newcastle East, CLP
  1550. Darran Scully, Reading & District CLP
  1551. Trevor Turvey, Herne Bay Labour Party
  1552. Clive Morris, East Worthing and Shoreham CLP
  1553. Frankie Stewart, Woking CLP
  1554. Karen Wilson , Sheffield South East CLP
  1555. Michael Munn, CLP Burnham on Sea
  1556. George Howarth, Knowsley CLP
  1557. Craig Speckman, Corby & East Midlands clp
  1558. Raymond Clifford, London Bridge & Bermondsey CLP
  1559. Janet Kelly, Stafford CLP
  1560. Clive Hinchliffe, East Yorkshire CLP
  1561. Michael Kelly, Stafford CLP
  1562. Guy Taylor, Lewisham West & Penge CLP
  1563. Paul Booker, Bridgwater and West Somerset CLP
  1564. Andrew James, Preston CLP
  1565. Andrew Weller, NW Hampshire CLP
  1566. Angel Kershaw, Keighkey CLP
  1567. Paul Singleton, Denton & Reddish CLP
  1568. Pete Magee, Wellingborough CLP
  1569. D.P.Dixon. Islwyn CLP
  1570. Elizabeth Browne, Preston CLP
  1571. Clare Clarke, Mid Worcestershire CLP
  1572. Gill Parsons, Monmouth CLP
  1573. John Abraham, Monmouth CLP
  1574. David White, Croydon Central CLP
  1575. Joseph Garbutt, Reading East CLP
  1576. Andrew Brend, Caithness, Sutherland & Ross CLP
  1577. Cristiano Di Carlo, Nottingham East clp
  1578. Steve Page, Shipley CLP
  1579. Helen Sutcliffe, Halifax CLP
  1580. Simon Patterson, Hitchin and Harpenden CLP
  1581. Andrew McCamley, Huntingdon CLP
  1582. Cherril Parry, Cynon Valley CLP
  1583. Brett Jones, West Worthing CLP
  1584. Peggy Breckin, Luddendenfoot CLP
  1585. Jaysol Doy, Charnwood CLP
  1586. John Danton – South Thanet CLP
  1587. Jenny King, Dover CLP
  1588. David Rosenberg, Islington North CLP
  1589. Anna Buckley, Walton CLP
  1590. Kerry Wilks, Redcar CLP
  1591. Steven Pickering, Withington CLP
  1592. Andrew Barrett, Brigg and Goole, CLP.
  1593. Frank Lane, Derbyshire Dales clp
  1594. Josephine Hollis, Islington South CLP
  1595. Rhona Sykes, Labour International CLP
  1596. Thomas Muddiman, Labour International CLP
  1597. Jo Cooper, Charnwood CLP
  1598. Dr Carol Wellwood, Totnes CLP
  1599. Anthony O’Connor, Northfield CLP
  1600. David Hughes, Rhondda CLP
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  1604. Paul Blaylock, Labour International Southern France
  1605. Paula England, Telford CLP
  1606. Christo Peach, [Dudley South CLP]
  1607. Liz Ashley, Cheltenham CLP
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  1623. Keven Huelin – Reading West CLP
  1624. Michael Knight – CLP Witham, Essex
  1625. Lee Hewitson, Dundee City West CLP
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  1627. Christopher Bligh, Plymouth Moor View CLP
  1628. Dave Langston New Forest CLP
  1629. Kerie wynn, Liverpool Walton CLP
  1630. Joana Santos, Vauxhall CLP
  1631. Janet Jobbins, Enfield North CLP
  1632. John Slee, Lancaster CLP
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  1635. Rob Lyons, NW Durham CLP
  1636. Tina Mills, Castle Point CLP
  1637. Chris Rogers Cyprus. Labour International CLP
  1638. Derek Hansford (L1179500) Bexhill&Battle CLP
  1639. Rosalinde Scott-Hodgetts, Stroud CLP
  1640. Alex Copeland, Bristol West CLP
  1641. Patricia Senior, Elmet & Rothwell CLP
  1642. Peter Allen, Witney clp
  1643. John Grocock, Sleaford and North Hykeham CLP
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  1645. Trevor Collier, Brentford and Isleworth CLP
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  1661. G Paul Turner, Rural Affairs Officer, Wells CLP
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  1665. Craig Thomas, Derbyshire Dales clp
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  1674. Ian McMillan, Hartlepool CLP
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  1676. Colin Morris, Portsmouth North CLP
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  1684. Cllr Zac Arnold – Forest of Dean CLP
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  1700. Carolyne Darmanin, Southampton Itchen CLP
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  1784. Business Mail Solutions Ltd (part of the Labour Rose Network)
  1785. Gill Turner, Nottingham North CLP
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  1787. Aneaka Kellay (Manchester) Labour member
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  1818. Gerry O’Gorman, Heywood Middleton CLP
  1819. Gavin Hutchison, Weston-super-Mare CLP
  1820. Nick Taylor, North Hull CLP
  1821. Mike Gates, Kingswood CLP

The Left Sees That Austerity Has Fuelled The Far Right – But So Do Calls To Undermine The EU Referendum Result



THERE are lots of things I love about the radical left: its compassion, its thirst for justice, its passion and its ability to dust itself off and start again.

But last week I saw a side that makes me feel sad and uncomfortable, and that’s its tendency to judge and hector others without fully trying to understand them.

George Galloway, a stalwart and some would say infamous character of the left and a Lexiteer through and through, has announced he will be lending his vote to the Brexit Party. I’m sure Galloway knew his decision would be met with strong condemnation, and it was. His argument is clear.

He wants Brexit delivered, and he believes a strong performance for the Brexit Party will send a signal to the Remainers in Parliament who either support a second referendum or revocation of Article 50.

The argument for him not to do this is also clear. Nigel Farage is a fascist and a vote for his party legitimises him and his views. I’m not a Lexiteer. I’m a Remain-voting Eurosceptic who can see both sides of the Brexit debate and have found it impossible to settle firmly on one side or the other.

That means, however, I can empathise with people on both sides of the divide. It also means I believe people, whether they voted Remain or Leave, deserve electoral representation.

It would be the utmost naivety not to see the EU elections as a de facto second referendum. Both Remainers and Leavers are selling it as such. Leave parties consist of Ukip and the Brexit Party.

Remain parties consist of the Greens, the Lib Dems, the SNP and Change UK. When it comes to the two main parties, the choice for voters is not so clear cut. The Tories are in disarray and can’t decide which type of Brexit they want and are on the verge of a change of leader.

Labour, which had a clear policy in the last general election to respect the referendum result but to mitigate its impact, now has a policy of supporting a second referendum either as a last or first resort, depending on which MP is being interviewed at the time.

We as members might know what our policy is but it seems we left it open for interpretation depending on whether the MP interpreting it is an ardent Remainer or is opposed to a second referendum.

This leaves Remain and Leave voters at home confused and unclear as to the long-term consequence of voting Labour in regard to EU membership.

Increasingly high-profile MPs like Emily Thornberry are now saying we must have a second EU referendum under all circumstances, including on a soft Brexit deal negotiated by Labour, even if it gets through Parliament.

We have MPs like Jess Phillips, who seems to appear on TV more than any other MP, saying Labour is the party of Remain and now MEP candidate Andrew Adonis is telling Leave voters not to vote Labour if they want Brexit — a comment worthy of suspension, in my view.

This understandably leaves Leave voters feeling that their Brexit vote is under threat if they vote for Labour. I personally believe many Leave voters are happy with a softer Brexit compromise but they are completely averse to a second EU referendum that they see as an Establishment stitch-up, especially one between Theresa May’s widely hated deal and Remain.

We could argue till the cows come home on whether they are right to feel this way, but the fact is they do. So if a voter wants to send a crystal clear signal in the EU elections that they want Brexit delivered, they are left with Ukip and the Brexit Party.

Labour needs to own this and take responsibility for it, the way the Blairites needed and failed to accept how they created a political vaccum that the Corbyn-supporting left filled, or how New Labour needed and failed to acknowledge the part it played in losing us Scotland or millions of voters who went to Ukip or stopped voting altogether.

The left has been excellent at analysing how austerity is fuelling the far right, but has a blind spot when it comes to how its support for a second referendum is doing just that.

The left loves to say: “You can’t appease fascism” — but fascists are not born, they are created. They are human beings who have lost their way, and can be set back on the right path.

My racist nan was not evil or a terrible human being. If she was alive today, I think she’d probably have voted Ukip, but she was a person of a certain generation and saw foreigners as a threat to a way of life she was accustomed to.

If she was born in modern times, she might not have been racist at all. My relative who became scarily obsessed by immigration when she read the Daily Mail, is now happily supporting Corbyn and has lost her obsession.

Just like it’s better to prevent cancer than treat it, it’s better to prevent fascism than deal with it once it’s taken a hold, and the left had the perfect opportunity to do that, by tackling the hopelessness it feeds on by ditching austerity and investing in our citizens and country, and by respecting the EU referendum result.

That’s why, to the shock of everyone, we snatched away the Tories’ majority in 2017. A third of the Ukip vote came to us, instead of to the Tories as everyone had predicted.

That was a huge achievement, made possible by our inspiring manifesto and our pledge to honour the referendum result so many of those Ukip voters had voted for. They trusted us. Now we are standing on the brink of damaging that trust, maybe forever.

Thirty Labour MPs recently wrote a letter to the leadership, urging Jeremy Corbyn not to torpedo any Brexit deal negotiated between the Conservative Party, by insisting it is put to a second EU referendum.

Such an insistence will likely result in the deal failing to get through Parliament because the majority of Tory Remainers are opposed to a second referendum.

I fully support these Labour MPs. They recognise the importance of being seen to have done everything possible to deliver Brexit. People might argue that we will be letting Remain voters down if we don’t back a second referendum, but Remain did not win.

If you lose a race, you are always going to be less sore if someone doesn’t come along a week later to say you can re-run it and next time you may win, than if you won the race and the decision is made to re-run it in the hope you’ll lose next time.

Angry, disaffected, disenfranchised Leave voters will make more prime fodder for the likes of Tommy Robinson than Remainers who didn’t get their way over a second referendum.

This isn’t about appeasing fascism, it’s about preventing it. When Germany was subject to the humiliating treaty of Versaille after World War I, to ease off on that humiliation would not have been appeasing fascism, it would have prevented it.

It would have helped douse the fire. The treaty gave the fascists a legitimate grievance to latch on to. The same will happen if we reverse Brexit. I repeat, fascists are not born fascist, they are created.

To make it crystal clear, I won’t be voting for the Brexit Party. If a party has Farage in it, I could not vote for it. I’m Labour and will be voting Labour as long as it has a socialist leader.

And I understand why people are angry with Galloway and feel he’s legitimising Farage with his decision, though arguably you could say a left presence in this new party might water down some of the Farage narrative the way the Blairites in our party water down ours.

But at the same time we need to ask ourselves why anyone on the left would consider voting for the Brexit Party, and not just shout “you’re legitimising a fascist” at them.

We might consider Farage to be a fascist and understand his wily ways, but the ordinary voter might be less aware. They’ve seen him on TV condemn Robinson and condemn the most blatant racists in his party, and many will see just him as someone who wants control of immigration.

Telling them he’s a crafty jackbooted fascist with a frothing hatred of foreigners is not going to pull them back from the brink of a vote for the Brexit Party, if they feel he’s about as fascist as their great-aunt or granddad who goes on about too much migration, especially as the Brexit Party has framed itself as a single-issue party.

Shaming them won’t work either. Telling them they are stupid or bad will just put up barriers between us and them. Attempting to reassure them as much as possible that Labour is not trying to sabotage Brexit, and that the People’s Vote section of MPs in the party are outnumbered by those who either oppose a second referendum or would only countenance one as a very last resort, will be essential if we are to prevent a Leave-voting haemorrhage.

But be prepared for our reassurances to be repeatedly undermined by the likes of Jess Phillips and Tom Watson.

The truth is, there are very mixed messages coming from Labour over Brexit since conference, and that’s why I cannot stomach this anger and moral outrage towards Galloway when it’s not being accompanied by a huge dose of self-reflection, empathy for the predicament left Leave voters are in, and recrimination towards ourselves over how we as a party paved the way for Farage to have his day again.

Blairites like to blame and shame Labour members for not voting for them. Let’s not make the same mistake with Leave voters.