The Oak

He stands like an Oak in a raging gale
When others break, his strength doesn’t fail
A heart filled with love, compassion, peace
Arouses fear in the Lords of the feast
Antisemite, misogynist, shameless wealth thief
Their desperate smears expose fear underneath
With axes in hand, they take their swings
At the man who prefers beggars to Kings
With greed in their hearts and hate in their eyes
They twist his truth with inglorious lies
No shame feel they for what they’ve done
To a man who gives hope when before there was none
Yet still that oak stands in its hostile wood
With one aim in his heart
To be and do good
And their axes they chop and cut but still
The oak stands strong and it always will
Acorns it drops, on melting snow
And another wood, from the oak will grow
By Chelley Ryan