We Won’t Go Quietly Into The Night


We must look like ants from way up there

Insignificant nothings, wisps of air

When you’re born into so much wealth

Why should you care about National health?

Housing, no problem, schooling too

Write a cheque, that’s what you do

Since you’re old enough to understand

You’re told it’s wrong to give a hand

It encourages sloath, lack of drive

Only tough love will help us thrive

You’re told you’re special, born to rule

By teachers at your boarding school

We share a planet, country too

But you don’t get us, and we don’t get you


Still people like us keep voting you in

In awe of your poshness, we let you win

‘Newspaper’ barons confuse us too

With fake news and the hate they spew

Divide and rule is their game

Pages filled with rage and blame

Immigrant, muslim, socialist, youth

No one is safe from their contempt for truth

They pull our strings and make us prance

To their tune they make us dance

Meanwhile they plot to dodge their tax

Our rights, our pay, security axe


But waking up are the many

Drop drop drop goes the penny

The internet has set us free

As papers die, the truth we see

Your puppets we will be no more

Now we’re showing you the door

As your pay climbs, ours is slashed

As your hopes grow, ours are dashed

On our backs you climb up high

You gobble down all the pie

Then you ply austerity

And blame us for our poverty

You scamming, cunning narcissists

We are DONE with all of this

A leader has now come along

He plays our tune and sings our song

He gets us and we get him too

We know he is a man that’s true

You mock and call him our messiah

Scared of the way he can inspire

But we don’t care about your scorn

For this movement that’s been born


Blair et al, they kept you sweet

Kept things tidy, kept things neat

Tweaked some things, here and there

Kept at bay our despair

But compromises just won’t do

It’s all or nothing with folks like you

The gains our ancestors fought so hard for

You chip away at, till they’re no more

That’s why we are up for this fight

We won’t go quietly into the night



By Chelley Ryan










  1. Hilary Temple · June 10, 2018

    Says it all! So clever to do it in rhyme as well.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Florence · June 10, 2018

    Thank you. I just read this while watching women across the UK marching and gathering to celebrate our suffrage and to remind everyone of our journey, and ones still ahead So apt, so fabulous. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

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