Stephen Kinnock’s Sickening Sadness Over The Summer That Changed Everything


If you watched tonight’s BBC documentary ‘Labour, the Summer that changed everything’ you will understand exactly what I mean when I say it was sickening! Stephen Kinnock really did look like he wanted to be sick when he saw the GE exit poll. He himself had predicted (and clearly hoped for) a healthy 30 to 50 seat Tory majority. These right of Labour MPs love to claim to be Labour first and foremost but the truth was exposed for us all to see tonight. For MPs like Stephen it’s career first and Labour a poor second. It’s deeply distressing to know that Kinnock would have felt so much happier if Labour had been wiped out. Stuff his struggling constituents. Stuff the activists who gave up hours of their time to secure a Labour victory. What comes first is his career, which is struggling to get to the heady heights he clearly believes it should with Corbyn at the helm. Had he found it in himself to accept the will of the members back in 2015, he may well have been in the shadow cabinet now. But having thrown his weight behind ousting Corbyn and then failing in this sorry endeavour, he is stuck on the bench with small hope of playing in the first team any time soon. Well that’s just hard cheddar Stephen! Try to think less about yourself and your career and more about disabled people who have had their support cut to the bone, or the elderly and infirm who are lucky to get a rushed 15 minute care visit to put them on the loo, make them a meal and settle them in bed, or the young people up to their eyes in debt because they had the audacity to try to get a degree, and even with their hard earned degrees stand little chance of buying or even renting a decent home of their own. These are the people who desperately needed a big Tory victory like I need a hole in the head. But you saw that exit poll, and you thought ‘Shit. A hung parliament. Now we are stuck with Corbyn and he’s probably going to be PM in a few years.’ While you were trying not to cry, many of us cried tears of relief. That big Tory win you yourself predicted at the start of the programme had not materialised. The Tories position was eminently weaker than at the start of May while Labour’s was much stronger.

Corbyn became leader out of a sense of duty, after Labour members called for a left candidate to stand in the leadership election. He is the complete antithesis of a careerist politician like Kinnock; driven by a desire to change people’s lives for the better, and that’s all.

For all our sakes I hope these careerists never get to lead the party again.



  1. Eric Davies · November 21, 2017

    Just like his father. Goodbye steve

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  2. Stephen · November 21, 2017

    Good article,JC4PM 😋

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  3. simplyshirah · November 21, 2017

    Brilliant piece Chelley. Says what a lot of us think about these careerists who don’t give a stuff. Loved the look on their faces where they were completely gobsmacked by result. People in UK knew better than these greedy & selfish careerists. Now we have to get rid of this Tory govt. and have a GE. See today, Tory backbencher asking for a debate on bringing in NHS charges. Well done Chelley. Brilliant stuff. Your piece is talk of today on 50s+ Corbyn supporters. Cheers.

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  4. Sara C · November 21, 2017

    TTT, Thanks for this. Worth highlight the Welsh women on his campaign team supported Corbyn, and blasted the PLP for not getting behind the leadership.

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  5. Neil H · November 21, 2017

    Spot on Chelley. I must admit I laughed out loud at the reactions from the various chicken coup MP’s they followed. However I soon stopped laughing & remembered we’ve still got further battles to win. But with the same application & innovation & Corbyn & Mcdonnell at the helm we WILL ultimately win!

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  6. jackhairbrain · November 23, 2017

    Indeed he is the antithesis of Corbyn, as is much of the PLP. The GE result shut their gobs for them (for now).


    • Diogenes · December 4, 2017

      they’ll be back and they can expect loads of media support unfortunately


  7. Dave Reay · November 23, 2017

    Career people need not apply, well done Chelly great article

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  8. Michael conroy · November 23, 2017

    momentum are a great back up to the labour party, engineers of a reborn labour party


  9. Arthur Lane · November 23, 2017

    the best thing about the programme, was it showed its the young mainly women, are driving the long awaited return to a true peoples LABOUR, there must be no more New(SUN) Labours. Cheers CHELLY

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  10. Diogenes · December 4, 2017

    The Kinnocks are the Beebs goto people if they want an anti Corbyn MP


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