They Really Are ALL In It Together!

I like to see good friends getting on as much as the next person. The sight of heads huddled in a cafe over a shared confidence, or peals of laughter ringing out on a train from a pair of besties on their way out for the day, does my heart good. But when those two close friends are BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis, and right wing Labour MP Jess Phillips, and their friendly chat is being broadcast to millions of people during a crucial General Election campaign, it doesn’t have quite the same heart warming effect.

But that’s what I bore witness to on Newsnight last night. Best friends, Jess and Emily went for a nice stroll in the more affluent part of Jess’s constituency so Jess could knock on a few doors and be seen for the hardworking, down to earth but laugh-a-minute MP she purports to be. Then they returned to the TV studio, which may as well have been a local cafe where best friends often go for a nice chat over tea and cake, because all that was missing was the tea and cake.

They proceeded to have a cosy little chat about the leaked Labour manifesto and Jess, being the reasonable woman she is (rolls eyes), conceded it might prove a smidge helpful on the doorsteps, while I sat there seething and thinking, without Corbyn you’d be offering the electorate the same Tory Lite policies Labour have been offering them since the early 2000’s, driving them away in their droves. Emily gently asked her mate Jess, ‘So why is Jeremy Corbyn attracting such large crowds wherever he goes, but failing to attract voters around the country?’ This was a beautiful set up for bestie Jess to go for the goal. Salt of the earth Jess pulled the obligatory pained expression and replied something along the lines of, ‘well he’s always stuck in a positive feedback loop of people who support him,’ meaning he’s refusing to see the truth of how unpopular he really is. Then to try to inject some balance for show, Jess said the same was true of Theresa May.

This was the moment I knew for sure Jess and Emily were best friends with shared values and goals, not politican and interviewer, because at this point any interviewer with any professional integrity would have asked the following million dollar questions; questions I have yet to hear any interviewer on any tv channel or radio station ask any right wing Labour MP.

“Do you think the way you and your colleagues have spent the last 20 months openly and publicly denigrating Corbyn’s leadership at every available opportunity; writing about it in right wing newspapers, speaking of little else in TV and radio studios, tweeting about it, resigning over it, refusing to take up posts in his shadow cabinet because of it, forcing a second leadership contest to overthrow it, telling the public you can’t support it and can’t vote for it and want nothing whatsoever to do with it, is why you are hearing your own words about weak incompetent, hard-left leadership, mirrored back to you on the doorsteps? And when you do hear those words, do you get a warm fuzzy glow inside and think, wow haven’t I done well, or do you ever feel a pang of guilt knowing the biggest lag effect on Labour’s polling is Corbyn, and that’s largely because of your relentless and public acrimony? And if Labour do lose the General Election, will you and your colleagues take responsibility for the damage you did or will you pin the entire blame on Corbyn because it suits you to do so?”

But none of these questions were forthcoming just as they never are. I never got to see Jess made to squirm and no interviewer will ever make her or her faction squirm. That’s because they’re best friends, and they are ALL in it together!


  1. Rob Atkinson · May 13, 2017
  2. Tricia · May 13, 2017

    And if by chance Labour are not elected this time I will leave the Labour Party …and many others like me who believe that Corbyn is a brilliant politician as well as a man of integrity who will lead this country in the way I want to see it going. It will be the last chance for Labour as a truly democratic socialist party to govern. And it will be the fault of the right wing traitors like Jess Phillips and Ben Bradshaw et al. They are trying to destroy Labour as a real alternative to the Tories. Shame on them


    • chelleryn · May 13, 2017

      Please don’t leave because that’s what the right wingers want. Corbyn won’t stand down if we lose and we need to stay and fight for him.


    • Janet Marks · May 14, 2017

      Please don’t leave. This fight for the Labour Party is going to take as long as it takes. Blair had his way because many people left. We have to keep up the pressure on these people who denigrate Corbyn and so show themselves to pro-austerity and pro-neo-liberal economics – just like the tory leadership.


  3. Rosemary Hedges · May 13, 2017

    It is indeed the mystery of the decade – why it is that no MSM journalists comment on the shockingly disloyal behaviour of the right wing Labour MPs over the last two and a half years, in their attempts to unseat Corbyn. If I met any of those MPs that would be the first question I would ask them.

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  4. Luke · May 13, 2017

    Yep. We saw that when Emily Maitlis interviewed Dennis Skinner MP and spinned his story, then claiming it to be ‘just a joke’. Shameful. As for Phillips she is a disgrace but so are many Lab. MPs, except for people like the late Tony Benn, Skinner, and Corbyn. Take action, don’t vote for the party, vote for Jeremy Corbyn.


  5. Luke · May 13, 2017

    Yep. We saw that when Emily Maitlis interviewed Dennis Skinner MP and spinned his story, then claiming it to be ‘just a joke’. Shameful. As for Phillips she is a disgrace but so are many Lab. MPs, except for people like the late Tony Benn, Skinner, and Corbyn. Take action, don’t vote for the party, vote for Jeremy Corbyn.


  6. Terry Casey (@tcliverpool) · May 14, 2017

    The side of the party Phillips is from lost 181 seats and 5m votes down the years, they alienated labours heartlands with their out austeritying the Tory Policies, I voted for Corbyn twice and will again after the dreadful carry on from the right, In my opinion the rebels were wrong footed by Theresa May, They thought they would have a dreadful local elections with all their shananagins and trying to make Corbyn unelectable, and that would trigger another leader’s election where they thought they would then at last get rid of Corbyn ready for the election in 2020, it backfired and now they are worried about their seats, I heard one say some of our people will lose their livelihood, well suck it up.
    I say to the poster above don’t leave just get angry and work as hard as you can to keep Corbyn, otherwise this last two years has been wasted. we have a long way to go but we will get there, keep the faith.


  7. Tricia French · May 14, 2017

    Thanks for responding and I will give a lot of thought to what you all say about staying to fight on if we do lose. I am doing all I can now ..and really think we have a chance of winning actually despite what the media says. Blair was profoundly disappointing particularly over the Iraq war of course, but overall he made too many compromises. Corbyn renewed my faith in Labour and in politics. I really want to see whether the radical change he and his team promises can become a reality. I think he has some brilliant politicians on his side…McDonnell, Gardiner, Raynor, Thornberry and others. The woman whose name I’ve forgotten ( Sarah something?) who recently gave an excellent interview. All very impressive with intelligence and heart. I suppose I think if we lose this time the party will split and I’m not sure how it will pan out. But we can’t go on like this with such vicious back-stabbing undermining all the good.


  8. kickoff3pmDave · May 14, 2017

    So this is the same Jess who cares so much about you community that she fail to even acknowledge the major youth in business even in Birmingham recently. Jeremy Corbyn travailed up for London but she couldn’t walk down the road. Cares more about employing her mates and raking in expenses then employment for youth in her constituency. Oh and lets not forget the handy “women’s rights” lobby and that book she promotes for more cash.


  9. hirsutemal · May 14, 2017

    Reblogged this on MAL's MURMURINGS.


  10. Mavis Cathy Walker · May 14, 2017

    I do not understand why there is this division in the Labour Party and in particular against Jeremy Corbyn who is a man of integrity and honour. More than that I cannot understand why people and MPs want to bring down their own party!! Other than the fact that they are selfish and concerned only about themselves and money for themselves. The people who started the Labour Party sacrificed and worked hard to achieve all that these younger people have enjoyed and have been provided for in their lives so that they could become MPs to represent the Labour Party isn’t it time you looked at your roots or are you ashamed to represent what you parents and grandparents fought for? This is the Labour Party the Party for the the Many and not the few!! You should be ashamed of yourselves!!


  11. pompousfruit · May 15, 2017

    She’ll be sure to lose her seat in the Lib Dem surge as that seat was previously Lib Dem held and their MP only lost it as the Lib Dems were doing so badly two years ago. She’s not MP material and is Britain’s first chav MP. Don’t slam the door on the way out, Jesse Phillips.


  12. andyhersham · May 15, 2017

    Politics is war by other means, the media is part of the ruling class, they will never give any support to redistributive policies. Corbyn’s strength is the massive support he enjoys amongst the people. I was in Leamington last Monday to see him speak at lunchtime, well over 600 people turned out and the police had to block the road. If he fights back with monster rallies up and down the country he will start to create doubt in the minds of many who think he’s unelectable, and boost those hundreds of thousands of activists who have joined Labour to support him. If 300,000 people are influential on, say, 10 people around them, that’s 3 million potential votes.


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