The PLP Plotters Are Hoping Compromise Will Be The Downfall Of Corbyn: Let’s Disappoint Them Again!

When we elected Jeremy, in many ways we were handing him a poisoned chalice because he was always going to have to compromise sometimes, which had the potential of losing him support amongst the people who voted him in twice. Only on the back benches could he remain ever true to himself and his principles.

We need to make sure we only call it out when it genuinely is a case of him ‘selling out’ rather than those considered, and sometimes painful compromises he will inevitably have to make as leader of a broad church party. The PLP plotters are counting on us ‘deluded idealists’ to be too black and white in our views to deal with any compromise at all and will therefore try to continually push Corbyn into positions that will divide opinion amongst his core supporters. I personally will not fall into their trap and I hope my fellow socialists won’t either, because there will be many compromises down the line.

I’d rather support a principled socialist leader who reluctantly makes considered compromises, than a non socialist leader who was compromised from the start.




  1. Paul Smyth · April 7, 2017

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    One of those articles I wish I’d wrote myself. I fully endorse this message

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  2. David Lowton · April 7, 2017

    It depends how far Jeremy goes with his compromises. The more he compromises the more flesh on the body the traitors want. I and many more are get fed up with him not fighting back with the PLP and the media. When will he stand up against McNicol and Watson who have been treating members with comtempt? Members who have been purged have had no backing at all from Corbyn, when will the members get power to get involved in the party as Corbyn promised? Why are right-wing MP’s, who have undermined the party and their democratic elected leader for 2 years gone unpunished? If we go on like this allowing the plotters to carry on undisciplined we will get hammered in the local elections and General Election. They should be deselected or at least reselected with members having a say in the process. If the plotters want to carry on stabbing Corbyn in the back by running to the right-wing media, let them do their dirty deeds outside of the party and not within. Throw them out


    • Kay Jenkinson · April 8, 2017

      I share your frustration David but we still have a right wing majority on the NEC, rule changes regarding reseletion/deselection have to be made at conference. We need to keep the faith, be patient and try to get as many left wing delegates to conference as possible.


  3. anyvoices · April 18, 2017

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  4. The Porcelain Doll · April 30, 2017

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