The Tories Are Not Altruists: If They Want Corbyn Gone It’s Because He’s A Threat.

The Tories are always saying they wish Labour would get shot of Corbyn because he makes for a weak opposition. Apparently Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said as much on BBC Question Time last night.

Well frankly that’s a load of old bo***cks! The Tories have never been known for their altruism. If they want Corbyn gone, it’s because they see him as a threat in some way.

Yes Labour are polling badly, which should reassure the Tories, except they can’t shake off the discomfiting memory of those pre-coup polls when Labour were nipping at their heels.


And whilst their neoliberal, economically conservative buddies on the Labour right have done a ‘spectacular’ job of demonising Corbyn and his ‘deluded, trotskyite, anti-semitic, misogyinistic, online bullying supporters’ in the eyes of the electorate, they fear the mud might not stick, especially when it’s based on lies and smear. After all, three years is a very long time in politics.

One of the factors that feeds into that fear is us, the Labour membership. Not because we are arm twisting, socialist revolutionaries, but because we are not. They know the vast majority of members who voted for Corbyn twice over, are ordinary struggling people who represent a broad cross section of the population. They know we are teachers, nurses, shop assistants, police officers, call centre workers, train drivers, single dads and mums, widows and widowers, disabled, sick, young, old and everything in between, gay, straight, trans, bisexual, Black, White, Asian, Mixed, and ‘worse’ of all, inspired. And what do inspired people do? They talk to people.


So there we are, blowing through society like tiny seeds, and those seeds are taking root in work places, social clubs, pubs, day centres, hospitals, toddler groups, all around this country. Yes, it’s a gargantuan task that we are up against; the Tories know that. But politics is ever shifting. Whilst the ground may be rocky now, no one can be certain what political change Brexit will bring. It might even germinate the seeds of democratic socialism we’ve been sowing up and down this land. That’s what terrifies the Tories.

Because they know the tide of public opinion will turn eventually, and when it does they want to be able to pass the batton of government to a ‘safe, neoliberal’ pair of hands; hands attached to someone like Blair, or Liz Kendall for instance. Someone who won’t rock the boat too much. Someone who’ll keep the good ship neoliberalism sailing in the same direction ready for the next inevitable hand over. The last thing they want is for Jeremy Corbyn to still be leader when that tide turns. And whilst it looks like a remote possibility right now thanks to their friends and allies in the media and the Labour party, as long as Corbyn remains leader it’s a possibility nonetheless.

It’s this innate fear that explains the numerous Tory u-turns made since Corbyn became leader.


Public opinion is currently their friend, but its a notoriously fickle beast which must be handled with great care as long as Corbyn is Labour leader. Especially when he has this terribly annoying habit of actually behaving like a real opposition leader, instead of those nice agreeable chappies of the past who were always so obliging thanks to their shared pro-austerity, pro-privatisation, pro-welfare reform, pro-war, pro-big business agenda.

Make no mistake, Jeremy Corbyn is a thorn in the Tory side, even just as an opposition leader. He’s hindering their ‘progress’ and threatening their peace of mind. So much so they want him gone and they want him gone now. And they want us gone too.

They know as long as Jeremy Corbyn has our support he’s not going anywhere. And that means one day, three years from now, he may be moving into number 10. Now that really is the stuff of Tory nightmares!



  1. Florence · March 31, 2017

    Anther great blog, and every word is true. They are running scared now, and there is little room now for them to have another coup / purge, but as the saying goes, a cornered wounded animal is the most dangerous. So we should not let our guards slip, and we must be vigilant for those trolls hoping to goad our members into hasty or ill-tempered responses. Our enemy is neo-liberalism where ever it occurs.



  2. randomthoughts251 · March 31, 2017

    I find your blog so encouraging in these dark days when hope sometimes seems very distant. What a brilliant counterblast to the constant stream of abuse against Jeremy Corbyn from the flak machine! Are you happy for me to share your latest blog on my facebook page? Hope so. Keep them coming! Rowena

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  3. Real Labour Supporter · March 31, 2017

    What the fuck is this shite? Load of absolute bollocks. He’s just plain useless and you are a fucking idiot… Seriously… If you really believe this crap, you need help. We need an effective opposition, not this bunch of socialist retards. The Tories will ruin this country without decent, capable opposition. You are an idiot!

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    • James Alex · March 31, 2017

      Of course you’re a ‘Real Labour supporter’ when you use the term “socialist retards.” Has it escaped your attention that the Labour Party grew out of trade union and socialist movements?

      Moreover, if your response wasn’t a swear word laden offensive and rude diatribe, you’d probably be taken more seriously.

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    • jonnapat · April 1, 2017

      Personally I would not have used such language but I can agree with the basic sentiments. To be able to get into government you must first have an electable leader which Corbyn’s is definitely not. If we don’t want the Tories and the vindictive Daily Mail running the country then we have to find someone who is electable or things will remain the same for the foreseeable future. Say what you want about Tony Blair but please remember that he won 3 elections, 2 with record majorities.


      • chelleryn · April 1, 2017

        Remember he won against a deeply unpopular corrupt Tory government that had served for 18 years. He consequently went on to shed us 4 million core voters. So yes he won, but his brand of politics lost us Scotland and many safe seats in the North.


    • FemiO · April 4, 2017

      Come back to list the things Blairites and Collaborators have opposed successfully; Definitely NOT any of these: University tuition fees, Bedroom tax, Austerity, NHS closures. So what is it they have have been opposing prior to Corbyn leadership? Those who have no arguments only resort to abuse and name calling. Get over it. The Blairite era is gone and is now yesterday’s bad news.


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  5. James Alex · March 31, 2017

    Whilst Corbyn has his faults, it’s obvious to anyone with a brain why he’s constantly attacked by tax dodging, billionaire press oligarchs residing in Monaco and that’s because they know he can’t be bought and the corollary is that he’s rightly seen by them as a threat to their way of doing business. If Corbyn was useless and non-threatening, Murdoch, Barclay Bros, Viscount Rothermere and Desmond wouldn’t attack Corbyn so hysterically on an almost daily basis. I say this as someone whose father ran a very successful press agency for nearly 30 years before he retired.

    Vast swathes of the Parliamentary Labour Party are political cowards, are more than aware of the power of press barons, and know the vast majority of the population are credulous and that they’ll believe anything they read. The PLP want an anodyne, non-threatening status quo leader who won’t be vociferously attacked every day in the press because they see that as the only solution to them getting into power. Perhaps they’re right?

    However, the Tory Party don’t want a strong Labour Party and they certainly don’t want Corbyn as leader. For all his faults, Corbyn’s certainly been much more successful as an opposition leader holding the Tories to account than Miliband.

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  7. craigmdotnet · April 1, 2017

    Spot on. He’s changing the way politics has to work. Removing the spin. Replacing it with straight talking, honest politics. They’re not fluent in that language. Shared on my blog. Thank you.


  8. Trade Watcher · April 1, 2017

    There are two parties under one banner – New Labour and Labour, so being leader must be almost impossible. In February , there was an opportunity for Labour MPs to show their true colours, in the vote on the biggest neoliberal trade deal to date; the world’s first blueprint for an all-inclusive Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (nominally with Canada, but actually there are 42,000 US corporations in Canada, and Canada is already under NAFTA). Yes, the NHS is included, because unlike France and Germany, who have explicitly opted out their health services, we in the UK have only explicitly opted out private ambulance services. Yes, its got a ratchet clause preventing any ‘expropriation’ i.e. renationalisation of NHS services. Yes, its got the rights of corporations to go above UK jurisdiction, to sue our government in private courts for taking ‘excessive’ measures, such as stopping contracts altogether just because they infringed UK law, or if we over-regulate. (NB This right to sue will only come into effect if fully ratified by 27 other EU states, but it is fully ratified in the UK, and you will hear in the news how the govt. hopes to secure a ‘comprehensive’ deal – its this one ). Yes, Owen Smith and Liz Kendall voted for it. Yes, Jeremy Corbyn voted against. This is a tremendously significant indicator on trustworthiness, as to who’s likely to talk ‘anti-Tory’ , to give us a pantomime show in the House of Commons, and then act completely in keeping with the Tory Party values. See the full voting breakdown in House of Commons Division 151 :


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  10. Mark Catlin · April 9, 2017

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