Can we fight the Tories now? Please?

Brilliant plea from an exasperated Labour member!

Brink of an Era

You know what? I’m so sick of this.

I joined the Labour Party inspired by Jeremy Corbyn, and the fact that he represented a new way of doing politics that worked towards a society that was there for everybody and in which people are cared for. He still inspires me, and so does the vast membership we have built who all want to work for real change in our society. We are all still very much on board.

But in the eighteen months since then a small number of people in the Party, including our own Deputy Leader and a large number of Labour MPs have taken every opportunity to attack and try to destroy that vision and that ideal, simply because they think they know better than Jeremy and me and the vast majority of Labour members, and because they think that that justifies any level of vicious and underhand attacks…

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