Malcontent Labour MPs Expose Their True Fears – Corbyn Might Win!

You say you [malcontent Labour MPs] believe that Jeremy Corbyn is a disaster on a stick, supported by a deluded membership who are happily sleepwalking toward electoral annihilation. Let’s assume for arguments sake that I believe you. Then let me go one step further and actually pretend to be you.

If I was convinced Corbyn was a walking disaster, propped up by a deluded membership, I would never tweet contemptuous tweets about Corbyn. Why? Because I’d know it would cement support for his leadership amongst the members. I’d never let anyone accuse me of preferring to publicly kick the leader than attack the Tories. I wouldn’t want to reinforce my reputation as a supporter of Tory policy, or remind the members of my support for Tory austerity and Privatisation; things that had driven them into the arms of Corbyn in the first place.



If I was genuinely disappointed by Corbyn’s leadership I’d drop him an email or tell him face to face, rather than tweet mocking gifs or snide remarks that could appear in newspapers up and down the land. That way no one could accuse me of contributing to a Labour election defeat. After all, we all know divided parties NEVER win. I’d be a model MP, attacking the Tories at every turn and if I had nothing good to say about Corbyn, I’d keep my lips sealed and my twitter fingers busy. That way when he failed, as you say you’re convinced he will, he’d fail on his own terms. Why would I want to muddy the waters of the inevitable post mortem that followed? Much better for me and the party’s future if it concluded ‘died of natural causes’ and not poisoning.


Now, let’s assume that instead of believing Corbyn was unelectable, I actually feared he could win. Well then I’d do exactly what you’re doing now, and have been doing since the moment he stood for leader. I’d brief to the press, I’d tweet my disdain, I’d plot, I’d plan, I’d have coups and leadership challenges. I’d do the political equivalent of smearing shit over a painting in auction and pray no one would think to wipe the shit off to see the picture beneath. Then, when we started plummeting in the polls ‘thanks’ to my sabotage, I’d rub my hands with glee and pray for by-election defeats to demoralise the members, all the while pointing the finger of blame at Corbyn and his deluded followers. Then I’d pray the members would give up and walk away, or Corbyn would…it wouldn’t matter which because they come as a package.


Except when I say that I would do what you’re doing, I actually wouldn’t. Because I have something called integrity.

You should try it sometime!



  1. Danny Thomas · March 17, 2017

    Can you sort out your formatting please


    • chelleryn · March 18, 2017

      I’m sorry I don’t know how and I’ve asked numerous times. I cannor read on my phone unless I view on twitter but it’s fine on tablet and iPad.


  2. Lynne Lyth · March 17, 2017

    Couldn’t agree more! Should put this on every bill board in the land – or maybe even on the side of a few buses!


  3. Lydia · March 17, 2017

    You mention the membership a lot, but perhaps these MPs are talking to the electorate instead? They disagree with Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership/performance and so speak out to show the Labour Party is more than the incompetence, or perceived incompetence? While the attacks may seem personal, perhaps these MPs are fundamentally (in terms of principle) opposed to Corbyn’s leadershp?


    • chelleryn · March 18, 2017

      They have political beliefs and some are inherently opposed to socialism of even the pinkest hue. They loath it so much they would rather risk losing their seats than win on a socialist platform. Its why the SDP split the left vote in the 80’s. But what you’re missing is their arrogance. They don’t think they’ll have to lose their seats. They think they can destroy Corbyn then get shot of him long before a GE…then install one of their own. They have an astounding, almost disturbing level of self belief.

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      • Fibro confused · March 18, 2017

        You’re quite correct, for the majority of these anti Corbyn MP’s it is all about them & ego and power.
        The awful lies that some have come up with to try & discredit Jeremy & the people who voted for him are unbelievable in their stupidity, all this aided & abetted by many in HQ, the last leadership election and conference shows the dark depths they will go to. They accuse Jeremy of destroying the party and help the right wing media in its persecution and fake news about him. The longer they keep it up the stronger mine and many others resolve is, give him and the party all the support and backing, stop all the snide tweets posts on social media and in the MSM then if Jeremy fails the membership will do the right thing, but while all the plots and back stabbing continues we will fight them all the way

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  4. Fibro confused · March 17, 2017

    Spot on!!!

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  5. Corbyn is honest, he’s hard working, has the lowest MP’s expenses, he’s a man of principal, is willing to listen, willing to go along with what people want with a little guidance in the form of his years of experience. What is more whilst he’s been the leader of the Labour party, just over a year, the MSM have not been able to dig the dirt on him, unless they themselves stage it and fail epically. JC4PM

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  7. Mark Catlin · March 18, 2017

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  8. Sid · March 18, 2017

    Reblogged this on Sid's Blog and commented:
    Integrity? How little? Bitteriiiiiites have NONE

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  9. James · March 18, 2017

    Those polling numbers are wholly misleading. The Tory lead over Labour didn’t increase because of the coup, it increased because the Tories took votes off UKIP after the referendum.

    Anyone who looks at a chart of poll numbers including UKIP can see this for themselves – there’s one on Wikipedia.


    • chelleryn · March 18, 2017

      And if you study polling report you will see how our polling plummeted after the coup. If 172 tory mps voted no confidence in May they would plummet in the polls too even with full media backing. The public are turned off by such things.


      • James · March 20, 2017

        So you’re just ignoring the impact of the Referendum and the UKIP defections to the Tories?


        For the electorate, internal Labour Party politics are very much secondary to Brexit. It’s the defining issue of the time, and Corbyn has no clear position.


      • chelleryn · March 21, 2017

        I do not believe the referendum result would have had such an instant and negative impact on the electorates perception of Labour, as 172 mps publicly smearing their own leader and resigning from the shadow cabinet. It is you who are determined to downplay this unprecedented occurance, which a hostile media lapped up and ensured dominated the headlines, for your own agenda. We will not let the coup be airbrushed from history simply because it suits the anti-Corbyn right to do so. This was HUGE. The public awareness of it was HUGE. And the damage they inflicted was long lasting. If they wanted to let JC fail on his own terms they should have served in his shadow cabinet from day one and not engaged in constant briefing, snide tweets, constant coup speculation and then eventually the mother of all coups followed by a damaging leadership contest. They have now lost the right to pin anything solely on Corbyn and they are just going to have to live with it.

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  11. Janis Garbutt · March 19, 2017

    Spot on again Chelley.


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  13. sdbast · March 20, 2017

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