Brexit Is A Minefield For Labour -We Must Let Corbyn Guide Us Through It.

Earlier today I read a comment on FB along these lines: “I enthusiastically supported Corbyn in the beginning, but my support waned with his half-hearted support for Remain. But now he’s supporting Brexit, that’s it, I’m done.”

This is my reply.

Jeremy Corbyn’s half-hearted support for Remain, as you put it, persuaded myself and many other left Euro-sceptics to vote Remain. If he’d patronised me with the ‘EU is perfect with bells on’ pitch I would have voted out. Two thirds of Labour voters voted remain, the same ratio as SNP, yet no one accuses Nicola Sturgeon of half-heartedness. That was a line spun by the PLP plotters to justify their damaging coup. The same plotters who are threatening to veto the referendum result because they say we should stay in the single market, whilst condemning Corbyn for not speaking out more strongly against immigration; a totally incompatible position. Still it ties Corbyn in knots which is all they care about.


Corbyn deserves our respect and support as he tries to negotiate a political minefield for any Labour leader, let alone one who threatens the establishment. Labour are caught between a rock and a hard place over Brexit. To disrespect the referendum result is to wave goodbye to any seat which resoundingly supported Brexit. To cheer on a hard Brexit is to lose support of any seat that voted Remain. The Lib-Dems will mop up the votes of disaffected remainers, and capitalise electorally. But tempting as it is, we should not emulate them. All we can do is highlight the hypocrisy of their outrage over Brexit, when their outrage over the needless and damaging cuts implemented with zeal by their Tory coalition partners, was conspicuous by its absence. Nor should we emulate UKIP or their political allies the Tories, with their scapegoating rhetoric. We have to carve our own path, which is not an easy task when our supporters, like the electorate at large, are so torn.

What we definitely shouldn’t do is turn against the first socialist leader we have had for many decades. At a time when the future is scary and uncertain, we need Corbyn at the helm. Who else will give their all to ensure a fairer future for ordinary struggling people whatever happens post-Brexit? A right of Labour leader who wants us to stay in the single market while validating UKIP’s stance on immigration? A right of Labour leader who will shun the potential freedoms afforded by Brexit, such as the freedom to nationalise certain industries, because they prefer the path of more privatisation not less? A right of Labour leader who recoils at the idea of reversing corporation tax cuts to fund our ailing NHS or set up a national education service because they won’t say boo to big business? Because if we don’t back Corbyn and empathise with the difficult position he’s in, that’s what we’ll get. One day we will find ourselves on the other side of the Brexit minefield, but only if we stand by Corbyn. We must not let this precious resurgence of socialism become a Brexit fatality.

One final point…Jeremy Corbyn said from day one he’d respect the referendum result and that’s what he’s doing. That’s democracy, and Corbyn is a democrat. But he’s also a socialist…unlike the vast majority of Labour MPs who want him gone.



  1. Mel · January 19, 2017

    Well said…..totally agree.

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  2. Sara Callaway · January 19, 2017

    Thanks for this good and thoughtful reply, will circulate it widely. People are too ready to give up, feel defeated and blame Corbyn — instead of keeping up the struggle. Corbyn and McDonnell have been the most dedicated to anti-austerity, anti-racism and ant-war policies — and the changes we urgently need!

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  3. Maria Carroll · January 19, 2017

    Absolutely spot on analysis I so hope everyone reads and reflects on this. And stops reading headlines without reading the actual words Corbyn says. At one moment activists are saying the msm are biased and the next jumping at a headline. Not their fault it’s the way the media play it, including the guardian!

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    • Sandancer · January 20, 2017

      Corbyn is an idiot. A useless leader elected by people who don’t give two hoots about Corbyn or the Labour Party. The sooner he goes, the better.

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  4. Nicola Barnes · January 19, 2017

    Complete bollocks – supporting article 50 is supporting the wealthy and screwing the poor. Nothing more, nothing less.
    The only opportunity offered by brexit is one to destroy this country but it will only be the poor that will suffer not the rich and the poor will remember that Labour helped the Tories do it them.
    Jeremy Corbyn’s refusal to oppose article 50 is destroying the future of the Labour party. When people called Jeremy Corbyn unelectable I supported him, when the PLP rebelled against him I supported him, but if he continues down this path I can no-longer support him and by extension the party I have supported with my votes for the last 40 years.
    Well done Jeremy – you have proven your enemies right by making yourself and the Labour party unelectable.

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  5. Wanda Lozinska · January 20, 2017

    Many of “the poor” have “screwed” themselves by voting for Brexit in the first place. Jeremy is just following their wishes, as the Leader. He’s trying to ensure that May won’t make us any poorer, so we should be supporting him.

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  6. Sandancer · January 20, 2017

    Wow, what utter twaddle. Corbyn couldn’t guide us through a garden gate. The only answer to save Labour and stop Brexit is for Corbyn to go. And more than 60% of Labour voters chose Remain. He should be standing up for them!


  7. Carrie Powell · January 20, 2017

    Well thought out and ,presented with statements I totally agree with. The Labour Party still has some spring cleaning to do and then hopefully JC will get the full support of his Shaddow Cabinet and the PLP, He is still the only one talking common sense which, if his detractors would listen instead of being so busy trying to bring him down, would realise. He needs our support and the media and PLP need to be less critical and turn their attentions to those who are really causing division and malcontent in this once great nation, namely the sitting Tory Government.

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  8. Juliette emery · January 23, 2017

    Over 60% of labour voted remain – say who? A selected few in some random poll in old labour heartlands. Try Stoke they were highest majority leave in old labour heartlands. Tristram ?Hunt, ‘placed’ as their MP and then ignored the city was the reason to shove back – not racism or xenophobia but sheer frustration and desperation.

    Dammed if we back in and dammed if we back out. Dammed because people wax and wane to the will of the press. Opinions on doors reflect the media as they are no longer involved in the day to day dialogue of politics. It’s old, outdated and fundamentally corrupt. It has been for over 5 decades and their are non left with principle,or desire for the welfare of the people.

    A feckless society crying out for somebody to lead and then an unprecedented attack by the RW press who, after all, are the leaders of most governments in the developed world.

    I trust my vote with Jeremy Corbyn for the first time in my 42 years of voting eligibility

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  9. Chris Manners · January 20, 2018

    So it’s “hey, activists, get involved, drive policy!” one minute.
    Then it’s “um, actually, just let the leader get on with it on the biggest issue!”

    You don’t have to disregard the referendum. You agree to Freedom of Movement and the Norway option. You save the economy from going over a cliff, you can afford better public services. Sure, it’s worse than being an EU member, but it’s a relatively small decline year by year. You don’t charge out of your biggest market then think you can make get more money out of business. You’ll be begging them to stay, even the most egregious tax avoiders.

    “Freedoms to renationalize”, insofar as they’re affected by being in the Single Market- that’s like saying “never mind being poorer, at least we’re running those trains!” That’s a ridiculous attitude to take. Complete betrayal of working class communities.


    • Wanda Lozinska · January 23, 2018

      But the No.1 reason for leaving the EU in many peoples’ minds was that they didn’t want freedom of movement! People will have to change their minds about Brexit if we’re to have what’s best for us, as this would mean staying in the EU. Anything less and we’ll be worse off. (Apart from the multi millionaires who engineered Brexit and conned people into voting for it).


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