Blairites asking supporters to join Unite by 26/12. You know what you need to do

Support Len! Join Unite today.


Labour’s ‘hard right’ blairites are asking supporters to  join Unite, Britain’s biggest and most solidly pro-Corbyn union no later than 26 December, so they qualify to vote against current General Secretary Len McCluskey.

lenThe candidate standing against McCluskey is Gerard Coyne, a close associate of Tom ‘Project Anaconda’ Watson for over 20 years – which means that a Coyne victory would bode ill for the union’s support for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The right has tried to ‘pooh-pooh’ the idea that they’re trying to infiltrate Unite and other unions as a means of attacking Corbyn – but asking their fan-base to join Unite specifically for the GenSec election puts beyond doubt that, as with so many other things, they’re plotting as avidly as ever. Which is, no doubt, why they tried to keep it secret:

lf unite.jpg

The SKWAWKBOX predicted this move last Tuesday, when McCluskey’s resignation gamble to gain a fresh 5-year…

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One comment

  1. hypermobilecat · January 4, 2017

    Why cant everybody who is in the labour party truly unite and stop trying to pull the party apart, give the leader of the labour leader respect. No alas they dont want to do that, they mock a lot of labour voters, labour voters who have voted labour always, why do they want to treat fellow labour voters with such contempt?


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