Labour MPs Must Stop Briefing Against The Leadership, Or Accept The Blame If Labour Perform Badly In Elections

It is clear that a small minority of Labour MP’s cannot accept the democratic decision of the membership to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader. If they were to keep these feelings to and amongst themselves, fine. Unfortunately this is not the case.

From day one of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership until the present day, a handful of Labour MP’s have generated a regular stream of negative headlines aimed at his leadership. This level of negativity inevitably deters people from voting Labour. Even potential voters who are drawn to Labour under Corbyn, will be deterred by the impression these headlines give, which is of a leader who lacks support and respect from his own MP’s; who may be overthrown at any point.

With only two months until May’s elections, it is too late to undo the damage this briefing and sniping will have inflicted on Labour’s electoral chances. However we have four years until the next general election, which means it’s not too late for these MP’s to reflect on their actions and unite behind the leadership.

We would like them to reflect on how hard working Labour campaigners feel when their hours of door knocking and leaflet deliveries are undone by one Labour MP generated headline.

We would like them to reflect on how distressed and infuriated Labour supporters feel when Labour MP’s attack Corbyn with more zeal than they attack the conservatives.

But ultimately we would like them to reflect on democracy.

The membership decided to vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader. He won with a landslide. Whatever their personal feelings about it, we would like them to respect his mandate, and work for Labour, not against it.

If these Labour MPs do not stop their destructive briefing, they will be held personally responsible for the electoral consequences.

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