Gangland Austerity – Is Austerity and Consumerism To Blame For Rising Gang Violence?

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According to the London Mayors Office of Policing and Crime 2015 saw a 23% rise in youth gang offences coupled with a 17% rise in knife crime in London. This is massive increase and politicians have been grappling with the causes and possible solutions to the problem. However, to identify solutions we must first understand the root cause of this crisis. A crisis which I believe is both cultural and economic.

To begin my explanation of why Gang Crime exists and why it is on the rise first demands a brief overview of British culture and how young people, such as myself, form identities and make value judgements on others. But let’s talk about my late Grandfather first. My Grandfather was born in London in 1941, joined the merchant Navy at the age of 14, met my Grandmother who lived in Llanelli, settled down, got married and became a miner…

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