The EU Hokey Cokey: In Out, In Out, Shake It All About.

Is anyone else hearing the Hokey Cokey in their heads a lot lately; in out, in out, shake it all about? That’s the effect this Europe referendum is having on me. The thought of Cameron standing outside number 10, gloating in that supercilious way that makes him look like an overheated sausage that needs pricking with a fork, is enough to make any self respecting Labour supporter vote for brexit. But isn’t that childish? As my mum always says, don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.


Then we have Jeremy Corbyn telling us to vote in, but in a way that hasn’t convinced many of us he really means it. Maybe it’s because Jeremy is just as ambivalent about Europe as we are and he’s not very good at hiding it, because let’s face it, Jeremy isn’t exactly renowned for lying through his teeth. Sometimes I think I won’t vote at all. We all know this referendum is a Tory construct, stemming from their desire to shoot the UKIP fox, born in the era when it looked as though UKIP would eat up more Tory votes than Labour ones. As a result, many of us are now losing sleep over whose ego we want to inflate the least; Cameron’s or Johnson’s. Wouldn’t a low turn out invalidate the outcome, whatever it turns out to be? And is that such a bad thing if we are genuinely too conflicted to make up our minds?

Ultimately though, I know I should just sweep all this pettiness aside and just vote for what’s right. If only I could figure out what that is. The basic premise behind the EU, I support. Its founders envisioned a peaceful prosperous Europe, and to be fair, it has delivered more often than not. We should also never forget the way the EU stopped every Tory wet dream from coming true, but recently the EU has veered off track; exemplified by the way it brazenly humiliated an impoverished and desperate Greece for daring to challenge the austerity orthodoxy. No wonder us socialists want to give the EU a  good whooping in the ballot box.

If Jeremy Corbyn wasn’t labour leader I’d definitely been voting out. Not because he wouldn’t be there to guide me to vote in, but because his election win has given me hope.

If the incredible summer of 2015 has taught me anything it’s that institutions you’d lost hope in can change, but you have to be in them to change them.

Just ask the 250,000 plus labour members, supporters and affiliates who elected Corbyn as leader in September.

by Michelle (Chelley) Ryan





  1. Denise · February 22, 2016

    I am no great supporter of the present Eu system and in many ways would like out. But nagging at the back of my mind is that the Eu is the only thing we have left to put a bit of a brake on the tories. For that reason alone I will vote in, desperate measures for desperate times!
    Thank you for your blog a bit of sanity in the madness.


  2. Ian Bradshaw · February 22, 2016

    If the UK leaves the EU, Scotland will leave the UK. That in itself is reason enough to vote IN. But there are hundreds of other advantages of being a member of the EU. One that comes to mind is car safety. If you have a car with Euro NCAP five star rating, you have a much better chance of coming out of a serious accident alive. I chose my car partly on its European safety rating.


  3. loobitzh · February 22, 2016

    In or Out…. Out or in.
    Here are my initial thoughts as to what could be going on here.

    I find it ironic to the point of making me highly suspicious as to the real intent of those Tories lining up together for the OUT campaign.

    IDS, Gove Patel etc, all hard right Tories most despised by the working classes. This in itself tends to make me highly skeptical of the overall underlying agenda going on here.

    The effect of this could be that many people will react to this cleverly constructed pantomime and vote in.

    It really does influence peoples perceived choices, after all who in their right mind would align their vote with these sociopaths?

    Perhaps thats the intent, perhaps this is a well constructed psyopps technique.

    By the Tories lining up their most despised Ministers to in effect join Jeremy Corbyn and and the Labour Party in this way creates massive Cognitive Dissonance and confusion, at a time when the PM is constructing a dangerous Fear Campaign, to influence the nation into believing an Out Vote would threaten the Security and Prosperity of the Nation.

    We are being starved of all the facts here so most people really dont know what the real truths are as they are buried within the Propaganda Machine.

    What we are not informed about is the alternative views with regard to the real Agenda of Nato and the EU. This stuff never reaches the popular Media All we get is the ‘Story’ produced by the EU spin doctors.

    All the research I have done questions the real EU agenda and points to Agenda 21. (people if interested need to follow this up themselves). It basically states, along with documentary evidence that the role of the EU and Nato are not what they state on the Tin.

    It states their real purpose is to create a New World Order, where boundaries and Sovereignties no longer exist.

    New boundaries are already under construction.
    Decentralization of Government is part of this plan – remapping power into Regions, an example being ‘The Northern Power House’, if you ask those living in the so say NPO, they are not feeling Empowered, far from it.

    Decentralisation is a form of asset stripping along with the taking away of local power because of lack of finances. By creating new boundaries, its setting up a new system of control for the new Agenda.
    Dont be fooled this is not about empowering the people or handing control over to individual communities, quite the opposite.

    Another point is that when they strip away the systems and replace them with the new ones, they are bringing in their own Change Agents, who do not answer to the people but to a higher authority.

    Police Crime Commissioners, City and Town Mayors? who then will pick those they want to serve under them.

    The Change agents are hand picked individuals, who fit a specific profile. This work is carried out by the so called Charity ‘Common Purpose’.

    Common Purpose is very friendly with our government and its tenticles are now reaching out globally with its Leadership Training Programs. Its ideologically drive agenda is also being taught in our schools and universities. They are handpicking and training Leaders for the Future and then placing them strategically in the Health Service, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Businesses, Councils, Police Forces, Milliatary Installations etc.

    These Change Agents are positioned in seats of high Influence and Control.

    My Intuition tells me that whole EU in or out campaign is staged in order to make the public think they are making the sensible and only choice, that is to vote in. Therefore unwittingly Consenting to the NWO agenda; although most people will have no real concept of what that agenda is, or how it will ultimately affect their freedom and the nations democracy.

    The choice being presented at the moment is no more than a Psychological Operation.

    Who in their right mind would vote alongside IDS Gove, Patel ?

    Well for me it think thats the trick.

    After all, if I have learned anything over these past years its that the Tories, especially the likes of IDS Gove Patel etc cannot be trusted.

    So if they STAGE a Vote OUT, campaign, it probably means that what they really want us to do is to vote to stay in.

    Im Inclined to believe this to be a cleverly staged Pantomime.

    Its like double agent work. Reverse psychology.

    I just don’t trust it.


  4. jes · February 23, 2016

    The Tories want a result so close they can use it for their ends. They want some of what the EU offers, trade and cheap labour but not the parts that protect ordinary individuals against their cronies. (Referred to as sovereignty). They don’t give a damn about the parts that are good for normal people. (The ability to live anywhere in the EU, being the main one). They get a result that is 50:50 +/- 1% then they will be in a strong position to push for more opt outs from the things they don’t like. A decisive result one way or the other would be no good for them, which would explain the even division of the usual suspects. They may even have a plan to get England out of the EU leaving the rest of the UK in it, in the very likely result of only England voting to leave. (Greenland is part of Denmark, but voted to leave the EU.)


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