If Dugher Wants Jeremy Corbyn’s Leadership To Be Fairly Tested He Should Stop Sabotaging It!

Dear Michael Dugher

Now how can I put this politely……..What the heck?!

Only kidding. In fact I’m not even that angry about your recent ‘Jeremy Corbyn has 99 days to save his job’ ultimatum.┬áIf anything, my predominent feeling toward you is that of downright pity.

Here is a man who orchestrated one of the worst leadership campaigns in living history, trying to scrape his sense of worth and self importance off the floor.
I just wish you could have found another way to pick yourself up other than to put Corbyn down. But then I suppose you want another go at organising a leadership campaign to prove you can do it – maybe even your own?
Yes, I’m afraid you really are that transparent.

Poor Michael. Did you really think you could scare us with the spectre of a possible wipe out in Scotland?
We know Scotland is lost for now and that has nothing to do with Jeremy.
Even if the Scots, and the English and Welsh for that matter, have warmed to Jeremy Corbyn and his socialist ideals, they’re not blind to the fact there are people like you in the party constantly hoping he’ll fail. That’s hardly going to instil confidence in an electorate is it now? No, of course not.
So if we are going to hold anyone to blame for an electoral wipeout in May, it won’t be Jeremy.

Let me give you a little analogy to help you see things the way we see them.
Imagine if Jeremy was head chef and you were his underling but you deeply resented his power over you and coveted his job for your own. Ok..with me so far? Good.
Now imagine you were entering a cake into a prestigious cake competition, except when chef Corbyn had his back turned you threw in a big bag of salt. Sabotaged it if you will.
Ok, now imagine the cake comes last in the competition and the reason given was ‘a confusing mix of flavours’. If that cake was a political cake that confusing mix of flavours might be socialism, laced with a heavy dose of hawkish neoliberalism…or something to that effect.

Now imagine you, the saboteur, blame Chef Corbyn for the cakes dire placing. Imagine you desperately try to persuade him it is time to quit.
It all sounds very clever so far doesn’t it? Except there is one major detail that just might change your mind. Your act of sabotage had been secretly filmed and beamed to the TVs, iPads, and lap tops, of hundreds of thousands of Chef Corbyn fans; fans who greatly admired Chef Corbyn’s integrity and passion for cooking. Imagine how they’d react when they heard you’d called for Chef Corbyn to quit, knowing you’d poured salt in and ruined the flavour of what would have otherwise been a delicious, competition winning cake.


Oh dear, how silly you’d feel once you knew that. You’d probably want to crawl under a rock and hide for a few months.

Anyway, I hope that’s cleared up why May won’t be seen as a major test of Corbyn’s leadership, and why it’s rather cringeworthy to hear you suggest otherwise.

If you and your fellow ‘moderates’ want Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership to be fairly tested, I’d suggests you stop sabotaging it.
Best wishes

Chelley Ryan





  1. Joe Field · February 9, 2016

    Chelly, I love your analogy! Dougher must know how isolated he is. Maybe he takes comfort in ignorance.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maureen Cooper · February 9, 2016

    Ha ha ha!

    Liked by 1 person

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