Mr Privilege

Mr Privilege is his name
He feels no love, he feels no shame
Those who gather
In swamps of mud
Mean nowt to him
Hunger though he’s never known
From rape or war he’s never flown
For those who have
He mocks their plight
Pours scorn on them
For their flight
Bunch of migrants
He says with scorn
Not human beings
Whose lives were torn
Ripped to shreds by bombs and hate
Their humanity he doesn’t rate
Mr Privilege is his name
He feels no love, he feels no shame
Callousness, that is his game



By Michelle Ryan




  1. Helen · February 1, 2016

    Sadly true! Thank you x


  2. brianda1 · February 1, 2016

    from his ivory tower,
    he gloats consumed by his lust for power,
    his conceit knows no bounds, his cronies egg him on, and cheer,
    he does not know the meaning of compassion,
    nor how to open up his heart,
    no feelings run through his veins, just cold scorn for those who suffer,
    migrant, immigrant, refugee, just words he thinks for another needy foreigner,
    who will claim our benefits and bankrupt our country,
    but it is his public school attitude and his belief that he knows best,
    as he surrounds himself with his pals who sneer and jeer at his behest,
    across the house at the other side,
    at those who object to his lack of charity and respect,
    for those more unfortunate, and in need of our support,
    may he choke upon his words, and take his privilege,
    and shove it up his arse,
    but do not despair Mr David,
    god will one day bring and end to you, your party and this governmental farce.

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