Open Letter To Amol Rajan – Editor Of ‘The Independent’

Dear Amol,

What can I say in response to your wonderful open letter dated 23/1/16 in your oh so balanced ‘we back the coalition’ ‘Independent’ newspaper.

I’m just in awe over your brilliant wisdom. Let me assure you, the impression left by your condescending pat on my head will stay with me for quite some time. I’ve been well and truly told. Silly old Corbyn supporting me, thinking Labour wasn’t in a mess and performing badly in those oh so reliable polls (except I didn’t). In fact truth be known, I’m amazed we haven’t been usurped by the lib dems. Ok you can scoop your jaw off the floor now, because I can read your mind from here.

‘A Corbyn supporter who hasn’t got their fingers in their ears with their eyes scrunched shut; do they really exist?!’
Well yes, actually we do, in our thousands.

We are not the naive little muppets you think we are (that’s when we are not being voracious online trolls – rolls eyes). We were well aware what we were letting ourselves in for when we voted for Corbyn. Look at what happened when we voted for ‘not very red’ Ed. Research showed he got an even worst roasting by the right wing press than Kinnock, and that’s saying something, and Corbyn was always going to get worst. At least under Ed there was a semblance of discipline within the PLP. Currently Labour look more like a pub brawl than a political party.
Why would anyone vote for chaos over order?

So no need to point out the obvious. We get it. It’s all a bit of a mess. But let me ask you one question – was the transition from Old Labour to New Labour a smooth one, over in a matter of months? No? Really? Well the impression you are giving in your letter led me to think it was.
You also lead me to believe you think things never change; that public opinion is set in aspic and must be adhered to at all costs, despite the fact that only recently, harrowing pictures of a little drowned toddler on a beach led to a softening in attitudes toward refugees. A week is a long time in politics, and sometimes the best you can do is set out your stall and hope.
After all, Thatcher was considered to be a liability by her own party for some of her tenure as leader of the opposition, and look what happened there.



So there you have it. A not very detailed response to your letter admittedly, but seeing as you missed the bigger picture I didn’t feel it deserved one.

Ultimately Amol, we knew voting for Corbyn was going to be a car crash in the short term. You can rubberneck all you like. You can even take pleasure in it, but please don’t pat us on the head and point out the obvious. We knew this was going to happen, but we are not panicking. We’ve got four years to turn things around.

Like my nan always used to say, ‘you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs.’



Michelle Ryan



One comment

  1. brianda1 · January 26, 2016

    Michelle as they say the good things in life have to be worked for, and the Labour party under Corbyn has much hard work to do, but that said, when the good things come to us all through a fairer and more decent politics, then the hard work will be proved to have been worth the effort.
    Many people cannot see that a fairer system of politics is achievable, and that Jeremy’s views are those of a “crackpot” and those who believe in the new politics are foolish in the extreme, and I think these people are frightened to admit that a world where so few have so much power and wealth, when so many have so little rights and live in poverty, when there is an alternative and a fairer society within our reach, but they will one day see that together we can be a force for a more humane and decent world.

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