Prejudice Is Wrong; Corbyn Supporters Aside

If you are going to leak your prejudice in such a way, please keep it for private meetings amongst your friends. It really is not appropriate to leak it at a time of such gravitas, when the eyes of the country are upon you.

Or better still, stop being prejudiced at all.

That Alan Johnson, an MP I’ve always held in high regard, used his speech in the Syrian debate to have a pop at Jeremy Corbyns new kinder politics, I find deeply depressing.

Yes, there has been a frenzy of lobbying of MPs, and yes, some would have sadly resorted to personal abuse which understandably riles and upsets, but that is not a subject that should be raised during a crucial debate on War and Peace.


Jeremy has always made it crystal clear that he does not do personal – and he clearly wishes his supporters would follow suit – but he can not be held responsible for the few bad apples amongst his hundreds of thousands of supporters, any more than I can be held responsible for a Labour MP’s decision to go to war.

It’s also time to dispel the myth that only Corbyn supporters behave in this way. In the past week alone I’ve been called a ‘mong’ and a ‘fucking moron’ on Twitter for no other reason than that I support Jeremy Corbyn. The difference is, I don’t attribute their behaviour to whichever wing of the party they belong to. Unfortunately some MPs don’t adopt this attitude. Why would they when there is political capital to be made by lumping the abusers in with the vast majority of respectful Corbyn supporters; many who have taken the concept of a new kinder politics very much to their heart, and are as angry with the bad apples as those who are abused by them?

I just want to ask any MPs who do stereotype in this way the following questions – Do you blame all Muslims for the actions of Daesh? Did you used to tar all Irish people with the IRA brush? When a British soldier is found guilty of abusing a captive enemy, do you attack all soldiers for their heinous behaviour? No? I thought not. Yet when it comes to Corbyn supporters, you think it’s okay to refer to us as you would one large amalgamated blob, which means its fine to shame the leader of the blob in parliament during a crucial debate for the blobs shoddy behaviour?

Well I don’t think it is okay. In my view this is nothing more than shameful political opportunism. If you are going to leak your prejudice in such a way, please keep it for private meetings amongst your friends. It really is not appropriate to leak it a time of such gravitas, when the eyes of the country are upon you.

Or better still – stop being prejudiced at all.

By Michelle (Chelley) Ryan @chelleryn99



  1. Kathy Ferguson (@revdkath) · December 3, 2015

    As always, very well said, Chelley. I too wish we could all remain respectful, but to tar us all with the extremist brush is just wrong.

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  2. Anti War monger · December 3, 2015

    well, the point is now, what should labour do with all these war mongers among PLP. I think they shall be re selected for the next general election as they are favoring a war, which is wrong, counterproductive and will only make IS stronger; BTW who will take the responsibility, if IS idiots are committing a similar attack like in Paris in the UK?


  3. Peter Berry · December 3, 2015

    Incredible remarks from Alan Johnson. He obviously thinks his comment was more relevant than the appalling statement from Cameron that anyone voting No, was a terrorist sympathiser.

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  4. Trevor Hughes · December 3, 2015

    There are two sides to this story. What of the abuse heaped on JC by Blairite MP’s. I refer to MacTaggart, Danczuk, Spellar, Field etc etc. They should be chucked out of the Party.

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    • ID Smith · December 3, 2015

      No need to chuck them out, they’ll get chucked out in 2020 by the public. What are we seeing today, a 38% swing to UKIP. That should take out the Blairites, and they’ve only themselves to blame.


  5. fsandall5 · December 3, 2015

    I agree with the sentiment. I guess politics as played out in Westminster is a brutal and not very attractive business but and it is a BIG BUT, those who practise these dirty games fear that Jeremy Corbyn will expose them for what they are. Fear is what is driving their contempt fear of being asked to do something different, which, god forbid, rids them of their power and, more importantly wealth! Politics by the 1% for the 1%!

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  6. moominmutti · December 3, 2015

    I noticed his remarks and was, frankly, dumbstruck! He needs to grow up and get his priorities sorted out!

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  7. ID Smith · December 3, 2015

    I went off Johnson when he accused the Left Unity man of being “a middle class intellectual” on BBC Daily Politics, trying to appeal to tabloid fodder UKIP voters in all the wrong ways. Contrary to Johnson’s ignorant prejudices, Labour does have its cool, calm, expressive thinkers, and I’m proud of that, especially when people like Johnson put their personal ignorance on public display. As you say, keep it private. Johnson dislikes Corbyn because he’s clever and plays a long game. I’m mostly angry with Hilary Benn for his aggressive, emotive speech. It was one long tabloid headline from the Daily Mail circa 1914, and made me cringe that a Labour man could become a blustering Tory colonel with the naked aim of becoming leader and then PM. He should remember what happened to David Miliband. But this is how the public went for Blair. All emotion, and no policies, and Jeremy has smoked them out before we too might believe them. The Blairites are consigning themselves to a UKIP rout in 2020 unless they back Jeremy. Either way, it makes the deselection question irrelevant. The public will do it for us in 2020 thanks to Benn, Johns, Cooper, Watson etc.

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  8. Ceri Mears · December 3, 2015

    Johnson used his speech to have a pop at ‘Fingerjabbers’
    So bombing is fine, but jabbing your finger at someone is a big no-no in his world.

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  9. Chris O'Connell · December 3, 2015

    The behaviour of the front bench, Benn, Cooper, Johnson et al, will have driven a huge wedge between those members of the LP and the former Blairites. This could be the beginning of the break up of the party. Unfortunately for the Blairites, they WILL be left in the minority…


  10. Dave Boyden · December 3, 2015

    Awesome Chelle. Keep it up!

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  11. brianda1 · December 4, 2015

    I do think we are all accountable for our own words and actions. I also think name calling, is both childish and in the same instance defines the name caller as the true person that they try so desperately to hide from everybody, but when the person loses control of their brain and mouth, that is when the bile and vitriolic words just tumble out.
    If all us Corbynites are such blobs and fucking morons then why do they pay so much heed to all we say? is it because they fear our words and actions? and that we are a much more cohesive force than they would have hoped for, and a bigger opposition than they would wish for?

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  12. l8in · December 4, 2015

    Reblogged this on L8in.

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    • gfranklinpercival · December 6, 2015

      If prejudice is wrong, perhaps we all should reconsider our basic positions, our models of how best we think society should work. Might may be right, after all.

      The tactics and stratagems of the school playground bully could be the proper way, let it be recognised. We must have a polite discussion as to the merits of killing people, and the best methods of so doing. As a mortuary porter in a general hospital many years ago I found the dead a largely mute and uncomplaining lot, so their contribution will be absent.

      There will be factions for decapitation, gassing, evisceration, beating, cranial penetration and other means, but we must listen respectfully.

      The Overton Window has moved. Pity is that some have not yet realised this.


  13. gfranklinpercival · December 5, 2015

    Where people are suddenly horrified to discover that they are accountable to their constituents and then run grizzling to teacher or mummy, they deserve contempt. Tit for tat is mathematically proven to be the best long term strategy. My heart bleeds for them.


  14. theatreworkshop2015 · December 5, 2015

    Prejudice is not only wrong, it reveals that the holder feels unable to engage with a point of view that differs from theirs and instead resorts to ad hominem attacks or invokes pejorative stereotypes. The most flagrant example of this was Cameron’s ‘terrorist sympathizer’ line, which both soured and intruded upon the debate. Having said that, labelling those who supported the motion as ‘war mongers’ shows those using the term to be little better. To my mind, no one was able to make a compelling case for airstrikes (and, just as Benn’s rhetorical turn was considered the best attempt, perhaps because it had few competitors on that side, Tory David Davis made the strongest case for not bombing). Though the quality of argument was patchy and I felt that the majority got it wrong, excommunicating those on the Labour benches who, using the free vote that was extended to them, had an opinion different from that of the leader, exposes the damaging civil war being conducted by Labour when it should be evincing a politics that can accommodate a plurality of voices.

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  15. stephen · December 5, 2015

    Johnson, the neo-liberal Blairite should be more honest with us and himself and defect to the Tory’s rather than heaping further critique on a principled man as is Corbyn. We have become very bored with his morally impoverished right wing nonsense.

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  16. Kath Morgan · December 6, 2015

    Now that my initial disgust at the fact that so many Labour MPs could support the Conservatives in their push for war has had time to ‘settle down’ (not go away, never that) I can accept that deselecting MPs based on how they used a free vote that they were in fact given would be undemocratic. Accepting other views is partly what makes Labour strong. But undermining, bitching about, sabotaging and attempting to overthrow the democratically elected leader of your party means you are in the wrong party. Those who are behaving like this (Benn, Johnson) should accept that it is time to get out. You make the party a weaker place and benefit nobody but the Conservatives. What the mainstream media refuse to admit is that it’s not Jeremy Corbyn who makes Labour unelectable – it has already shown it is that – it’s the Blairites.

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  17. Mark Catlin · December 7, 2015

    Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    Another excellent post. You make a lot of sense, I wish some people would take it on board.

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