Spurned Labour right says, ‘If we can’t have you, no one will!’

The Labour Right are behaving like spurned lovers who post revenge porn.

I am seriously trying to get my head round the behaviour of the right of the Labour Party.
I understand they feel shocked and rejected after Corbyn’s massive landslide win. The bit I struggle with is their need to shout their bitterness from the rooftops, or in this case from the front pages of the red tops. It’s just so undignified. They are starting to look like a lover who can’t accept they’ve been jilted. Even worse, they are starting to look like the type of jilted lover who lays all the blame for their rejection at everyone else’s door except their own.


Not for them a period of dignified silence as they lick their wounds in private. Of course not. If we are discovering anything about this wing of the party, it’s they crave attention. A dignified silence would earn them no publicity (and I’m not suggesting for a moment they shouldn’t express dissent through open respectful debate). Even more chilling a prospect to them – it might aid and abet a Corbyn led Labour victory in 2020, which would be the equivalent of seeing an ex lover go on to marry the person they left you for. It’s much more satisfying to phone everyone they know, especially their friends in the media, to regale them with tales of anguish and woe.

If they had engaged in a period of reflection, they might have benefitted from asking themselves the following questions. Did we take the members for granted? Were we offering a hopeful, inspiring vision for the future, or did we sound too much like business as usual? Were we dull? Did we sound out of touch? Did anyone know what we actually stood for? Were we too technocratic and stage managed? Were we focus group led rather than value led? I could suggest more points to reflect on but I fear I’d be wasting my time.

I used to wonder what they were hoping to achieve by their destructive behavior (telling Sky reporters they’ve nicknamed Corbyn ‘Jihadi Jez’ – Refusing to say they support him in an interview on live TV – Storming out of a PLP meeting, grabbing the first available journalist and telling them you feel sick with it all – Telling a conference fringe meeting the party is fucked, or a group of Uni students it’s in the shit. Sadly I could go on, but I won’t).

Are they hoping to sabotage Jeremy’s chances so they can gleefully say ‘we told you so!’? Are they provoking us into a purge so they can stand as independents to split the Labour vote? Do they want us, the members, to lose faith in Jeremy by making him look powerless in the face of an adversarial PLP?
Or do they genuinely believe their own excuse, which is ‘Jeremy is unelectable so the sooner he realises that and resigns, the better?’ If that’s true their arrogance is mind boggling.
Don’t they know politics is unpredictable? Look at what’s happened in Scotland, in Greece. If political mood never changed women still wouldn’t have the vote, and trade unions would still be a dream in someone’s head.


They say their first priority is to represent, not the Labour members, but their constituents. But we are their constituents. We are teachers, care assistants, police officers, supermarket staff, and unemployed. We are young, old, and middle aged. We are home owners, renters, borrowers and savers. We are mothers, fathers, sons, and daughters. We are disabled, mentally ill, and carers. We are black, white, atheist, Christian, Muslim and Jew. We are the ones with our fingers on the pulse of this country, not them, and we feel it growing weaker and weaker as the Tories bleed it of its life blood. Jeremy was offering the country a blood transfusion, while the right of the party were going to let it bleed to death. That’s why we chose Jeremy.



So what do we do about these ‘spurned lovers’. Do we let them lash out at Jeremy indefinitely? Do we deselect them and give them the excuse to call us ideological purists? I honestly wish I knew what the answer was. I still have a small shred of hope the right of the party will come to accept this new reality and help us oppose the Tories, rather than Jeremy. I hope they will come to see themselves through our eyes.

If they ever want us to take them back, as unlikely a scenario as that is, they need to start earning our respect, not behaving like the bitter twisted lover who posts revenge porn on Facebook.


By Michelle (Chelley) Ryan @chelleryn99



  1. fgallucci · November 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on frederickgallucci.

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  2. Carntyne Riddrie (@Riddrie) · November 19, 2015

    Your article above describes Scottish Labour to a T.

    The party in Scotland behaved exactly as described above and went on to lose 41 Scottish MPs in the general election.

    Now the Westminster party are blindly following their Scottish colleagues over the cliff edge.

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  3. Paul Nightingale · November 19, 2015

    Sady, it is all-too-clear that they do want a Labour defeat in 2020. Historically the role of the Labour right has been to run interference for an unpopular Tory party (in government in the 1980s and early-1990s; in opposition after 1997). Nothing has changed.

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  4. steven hemmings · November 19, 2015

    I couldn’t have put it better myself. I would say though it is better to deselect them now and get it out of the way while we still have plenty of time before the next election. To be honest, I don’t the Blairite posh boys and girls back. I want real people with real values, that want to stand up for the poorest in our communities. There are plenty of talented people out there, with the strength of character to stand up to the Tories. Who needs the craven ineffectual right wing of the Labour party anyway?

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  5. Mark Catlin · November 19, 2015

    Reblogged this on markcatlin3695's Blog and commented:
    You read my mind. I’ve been thinking this could do the Labour party damage in the next GE. People might really want to vote Labour, but just couldn’t bring themselves to vote for the candidate who had behaved like that in last few yrs.

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  6. Bookmanwales · November 19, 2015

    I agree with Mark. If this continual sniping is left unchecked, if at least some of those being most vociferous in their condemnation of Jeremy Corbyn are not deselected, then Labour for sure will lose those seats. People are no longer just going to vote for the Labour incumbent because they are Labour but on their views as members of the Labour party. No party has 100% agreement on all issues, no group of people ever will, but compromise, negotiation and dignified debate change things. Holding a view that is 100% opposite to your party’s ideals means you should leave. You are never ever going to get a party that will change itself 100% just to suit a few “rebels”

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  7. Kathy Ferguson (@revdkath) · November 19, 2015

    Another excellent analysis, Chelley. Retweeted.

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  8. karen jackson · November 19, 2015

    I think that if they really don’t like jeremys beliefs they all go and join another party, JEREMY is here voted in by party members!! All be it new members like me, a labour voter and a corbyn liker!!

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  9. A6er · November 19, 2015

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  10. Pat Aldridge · November 19, 2015

    Spot on once again Chelly, I am sad that the right cannot find it within themselves to do what the left have done for years. They should pipe down accept the inevitable ,the people are just sick and tired of lies and spin and accept once and for all we the general populace need the new style that Jeremy and co are bringing

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  11. ID Smith · November 19, 2015

    I suspect what’s happening is similar to the leadership contest, where the other contenders suddenly woke up and realised they were going to lose and that this wasn’t in the script, except now it’s happening to even more MPs who never suspected for one second that anything would ever upset their cosy world. In my home town of Stockport, !0% swing to UKIP in May, Ann Coffey seems completely oblivious to the decline. I wonder whether she’s calculated that she could stay in the seat while things look good, and then eventually someone else will take over. To then abstain on Welfare Reform is adding the wrong politics to complacency. There are many keen young real Labour people who’d love to be opposing the Tories in parliament. Good post, Chelley.

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  12. Jack - Labour List · November 19, 2015

    Chelley, I learned a long time ago that you can never placate those on the right, be it Labour, Tory or whatever. Their spite and bitterness overides any integrity if they ever had any. I suspect many of them are extremist ‘ists’ Royalists, Zionists, Corporatists et al whose loyalty is to their ‘ist’ and not to any party they belong to. They are all bitterists and club together for the warmth and nourishment of their prejudices.

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  13. Moya · November 19, 2015

    Brilliant. Retweeted. Thank you again Chelley.

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  14. PatC · November 19, 2015

    Thanks for writing the blog it’s really good, right wing of party have messed it up for far too long -pompous out of touch

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  15. Liz · November 19, 2015

    Thank you for this blog. Your written word conveys everything what I was thinking.

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  16. Per Verse Poetry · November 20, 2015

    Yes, well said Chelley. These people, some of whom do nothing but rant against Jeremy and the Labour party could indeed lose us the next GE in 2020. My own CLP at the moment is in turmoil because of this ethical myopia.

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    • ID Smith · November 20, 2015

      Worse than that, they’re damaging support for Jeremy now, in the party. New members didn’t expect this division. He has to act.

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  17. Vikki Harper · November 21, 2015

    Like all opposition, they need to be removed. They do not reflect Labour Party values. They do not represent Labour Party membership. They do not reflect the views of the majority of the labour electorate. They are ‘new’ Labour and that one word makes a whole philosophical and political difference. There is a gulf between their beliefs and values and those of the Labour Party. They are pernicious, dangerous, right wingers and they must be fought and defeated.


  18. krazyklaws · November 21, 2015

    Deselect them all, starting with Simon ‘bullyboy’ Danczuk MP of my hometown of Rochdale, if I was still living in Rochdale, I wouldn’t campaign for the twat, I be helping out Liz McInnes in Heywood and Middleton.
    The blairites like Danczuk, Kendall et al, do not know what Socialism is or whiat Labour values are.

    I’d prefer a fight for 18 months in deselecting these tossers and fighting on a true Labour ticket fully behind Jeremy.


  19. kiddycapfury · November 22, 2015

    It’s just relieving that so many support the important ideas presented in this article.
    Thank you for bringing such clarity to the confusion this Corbyn supporter has been feeling.
    With all the snidey reporting, eg ‘why voting for Corbyn was a mistake’ or some such, I was beginning to think that even Jeremy’s supporters were now turning against him!
    I am so glad that is not true.
    I am myself fighting a losing battle for innocent children impoverished by the benefit cap. The level of ignorance within the PLP shocks me, with Angela Eagle proclaiming in the leadership hustings that workers cant be capped.
    This week at my CLP the commitee reported they had the go ahead for a funded position as office manager, which would be a part time position. I do sincerely hope you can imagine my shock when the announcement continued that the post would be for 15h per week.
    I’m sorry to say, not one of 25 assembled had a single clue what I was going on about when I started ranting and raving how it should be 16h. I began to leave in disgust at Bath CLP middle class ignorance, but at least they insisted on an explanation and took it on board. Must say, not sure I can go back there again.


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