Pull for Hope

By Michelle (Chelley) Ryan @chelleryn99

Stay true to the course, the blairites say
There really is just one way
To win we must keep Murdoch sweet
It’s the only way to avoid defeat
Then what’s the point?
We ask these soothsayers
If when we win we answer no prayers?
If when we win we don’t turn the tide?
If when we win we don’t pick a side?
But if we don’t win
They say with a sigh
All your grand schemes are pie in the sky
Hang on we say
How can you be sure
That it’s a case of either/or?
Tow the line win/rock the boat lose
Maybe this time we don’t have to choose?
Besides you know we’ve made our choice
We cast our votes
You heard our voice
We wanted change
Something new
Something strong
And something true
A sign post that can show the way
Not a weathervane on a gusty day
Put aside your doubts
And grab the rope
Pull for courage
Pull for hope
Pull for people in despair
And against the ones who do not care
We can be strong if we join forces
Not always agreeing
But not talking divorces
A warring party is sure to lose
So it’s time to decide
It’s time to choose
Will you join with us to help us win?
Or consign our chances to the bin?
For when you hint at coups in May
If elections don’t go our way
The public hear and the public doubt
What our Party is about
Then they won’t vote, or at least too few
And your nihilistic predictions will come true
But standing together
Standing strong
We can prove the doubters wrong
So what’s your decision?
What will it be?
Sabotage or loyalty?


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