Peace: The Only Way To Truly Honour The Fallen

Beautifully poignant piece. An honour to reblog.

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


Once gain the right-wing media is in ferment. No it’s not rising use of food-banks, homelessness or the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Europe that has them beside themselves with rage. Apparently all of these things play ‘second fiddle’ to any opportunity to portray the leader of the opposition as a traitor.

It doesn’t matter whether their headlines and faux twitter outrage are based on reality. When it comes to the ‘fourth estate’ they don’t trouble themselves with the truth when a good smear will do. In this case it is out of context comments regarding the commemoration of the first world war that has them frothing at the mouth.

Taking words out of context to discredit and smear is a tried and tested strategy. It would be laughable if some people didn’t lap it up. Remember how far their lies about the now infamous Bin Laden ‘quotes’ went? Even after…

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