We are divided by class, not geography

Brilliantly written, thought provoking and entertaining read. Thank you @elephantlass. Here’s to more cake for us all.


The following was written by T J D | @elephantlass

We are divided by class, not geography

I live in the prosperous South East so naturally, like everyone else here, I vote Tory and despise the sick, the unemployed and all northerners. And the Scots, Irish, and Welsh, all of whom form a great amorphous, whinging, freeloading, common mass in my fevered imagination. I worship money, Her Majesty, the aristocracy, fox hunting and Fortnum & Mason, read the Daily Mail and think women belong in the kitchen, should stop complaining, dress modestly, wear sensible shoes and be grateful for the equal rights that have been so generously bestowed upon them. And although I quite understand why migrants would want to come here, I firmly believe we have no room for their sort as the country is full; and anyway, I fear that at least one of my houses will somehow…

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